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The news site of Glenbrook South High School.

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The news site of Glenbrook South High School.

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The GBS Connects logo. The event went under a serious of changes this year to increase student engagement.

Changes to GBS Connects look to liven up event

Tommy Marquardt and Augie Mikell
March 11, 2019

A new special interests category has been added to GBS Connects, the biennial career day at South, according to Dr. Lara Cummings, assistant principal for student services. This year’s event, which takes...

Model UN hires new assistant sponsor

Augie Mikell and Anne Ribordy
February 7, 2019

In mid-October, Jesse Sisler, instructional aid for the Special Education Department, was chosen to be the new assistant sponsor for South’s Model United Nations (MUN) team. Although Sisler doesn’t...

Students in the South

GBS alumni attend Southern universities, note cultural differences

Taylor Everson and Augie Mikell
April 20, 2018

Whether in Illinois or thousands of miles away, students in college have to learn to adjust to a new environment. Some GBS alumni, who have chosen to pursue higher education in the South, have had to learn...

Attempting to get the treats out of the bottle, a Heartland Animal Shelter dog plays with a wooden toy created by Woodworking Instructor Stephen Silca and senior Jeremy McCann. Many dogs at the shelter are able to play with these toys as a way to relieve the stress they face everyday. Photo courtesy of Kara Busiel

Woodworking creates toys, stress outlet for animal shelter dogs

Augie Mikell, staff reporter
February 9, 2018

Living in the environment of an animal shelter can be difficult for dogs, according to Joanne Rowe, Heartland Animal Shelter (HAS) Board of Directors vice president. With the piercing barking and various...

INTERFAITH FRIENDS:   Observing art in Pilsen, a neighborhood in Chicago, Liad, a Jewish Israeli, connects to a particular image by holding hands with figures in the mural (right).

Hands of Peace builds interfaith relationships

Samantha Boas and Augie Mikell
October 6, 2017

An act of Palestinian distress occurs in Israel. While Israelis believe it to be an act of terrorism, Palestinians view it as a protest. According to senior Ben Bernstein, this conversation, along with...

PICTURE PROJECTS: Taking photos at a concert in Chicago, junior Bella Del Muro has found various internships doing music and concert photography with various bands. She says the experiences have provided her with more knowledge about what kind of career she would like to pursue after high school. Photo courtesy of Bella Del Muro

Students pursue internships in future career choices

Augie Mikell and Taylor Everson
April 26, 2017

One thing some students do in high school is find a career they’re interested in pursuing. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to determine what to do. However, one way some choose...

Foreign Faces: From left to right, senior Omar Haddad from Jordan, senior Anitta Reji from India and senior Odysseas Lazarou from Greece represent a small portion of South students from foreign countries. Not included in the above photo is junior Debbie Kim, originally from North Korea and attending her first year at South. These four students make up a small sampling of South’s international student population. Photo illustration by Yoon Kim

Foreign students adjust to South, American lifestyle

John Schurer and Augie Mikell
March 21, 2017

The uncertainty associated with the first day of school kindles delight for some. But for others, such as South’s many students from foreign countries, entering a new school environment sparks a source...

South’s AP Psychology Club encourages student involvement

Augie Mikell and Lizzie Garvey
February 3, 2017

The mind of a human is complex and can function in many ways. This idea, known as psychology, can be found in discussion by South students every Thursday afternoon during Psychology Club.      According...

Student, teacher viewpoints differ on use of online literary resources

Student, teacher viewpoints differ on use of online literary resources

Yoon Kim and Augie Mikell
November 4, 2016

With 15 minutes before the start of class, a student scrambles to open his Chromebook and immediately jumps onto his Sparknotes bookmark. As the clock continues to tick, his eyes skim faster and faster...

South faculty pursue higher education, passion for learning

Augie Mikell, staff reporter
June 23, 2016

After students graduate from college, they reach a stoplight on their educational highway. While some may choose to stop at the red light and not continue their education, others decide to go at the green...

BELMONT BOY: Jammin’ out with his pop punk band Belmont, senior Joey Legittino pursues creating excellent music. He discovered his passion for the guitar as an underclassman at South. Photo courtesy of Joey Legittino

South students unearth hidden passions within school environment

Augie Mikell, staff reporter
May 27, 2016

Remember the first day of school as a freshman? Upon walking through the school doors, you have the opportunity to participate in all of the different activities that South has to offer. According to some...

Lupfer incorporates love of traveling in classroom

Augie Mikell and Yassmin Khatib
May 9, 2016

Ferdinand Magellan was the first person to travel around the world. Magellan’s journey became global news, as nobody had ever done something like this before. However, history Teacher Elizabeth...

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