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Students  recognize cultural beauty standards

Students recognize cultural beauty standards

Karina Benson, co-a&e editor
April 22, 2019

In June of 2017, the film Wonder Woman was praised not just for its storyline or its character development, but for its role in promoting strong women around the world. The film emphasized that a strong...

Illustration by Margo Kazak

Homeschooling provides appreciation for learning

Karina Benson, co a&e editor
March 15, 2019

I vividly remember my first day of third grade. I remember waking up as soon as my alarm went off at 6:30 a.m. and I remember walking into my parents’ bedroom five minutes later with my backpack already...

Harmony facilitated through Latino Heat

Karina Benson, a&e editor
March 14, 2019

They might not have the catch phrase of De La Cru or the sparkly uniforms of Bhangra Beatz, but they still have passion and skill. For the past eight years, South’s dance group Latino Heat has created...

MAGNETIC   MERCURY:  Thrusting his hand in front of him, lead singer of the rock band Queen, Freddie Mercury, draws the crowd into the show. The movie Bohemian Rhapsody focuses on the lives and the loves of the members of Queen. Source: The Independent

Bohemian Rhapsody captures the hearts of music lovers

Karina Benson, co-A&E editor
December 13, 2018

I am a lover of old music. Whether I am studying in the library to the tune of the Beatles or dancing around my kitchen to Dire Straits, the majority of my Spotify playlists are no current-day music. The...

Student talents shine through ILMEA

Student talents shine through ILMEA

Karina Benson, co-a&e editor
November 12, 2018

The room is quiet. A student and their instrument stand alone in front of a judge. The musician’s heart is racing as they look down at the notes in front of them, take a deep breath, and begin to play. Band...

To support corporations like Amazon, or individual businesses

Karina Benson, co a&e editor
November 11, 2018

This past May, my older brother, Kevin, graduated from college with a degree in computer science. In July, I flew out to Seattle with him to assist in his search for a new home away from home. If one is...

Anatomy of Gray strays from traditional tactics

Karina Benson, a&e editor
September 28, 2018

The lights begin to flicker and people file back into the auditorium. Muffled conversations die down as people find their seats. The lights slowly dim all the way and the stage suddenly becomes illuminated....

GLEAMING GUESTS:   From left to right: Barack Obama, George Clooney, Malala, Jay-Z and Tina Fey are guests who have been featured on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. The show aired on Netflix in January 2018 and is hosted by comedian David Letterman.

My Next Guest inspires, leaves new insights

Karina Benson, co-a&e editor
May 25, 2018

I was a tad young during the reign of David Letterman on late-night television. I vaguely recall his last episode, but the majority of my late-night experience has been shaped by the Jimmys and Stephen...

Food for thought: South’s foodies share their stories

Karina Benson, asst. a&e editor
April 20, 2018

Grab a few napkins and take a seat. In 2017, Chicago was rated the number-one food city in the United States by several magazines and organizations like Bon Appétit and Conde Nast Traveler. Many Chicagoans...

Makeup increases confidence, allows for self-expression

Makeup increases confidence, allows for self-expression

Karina Benson, asst. a&e editor
February 9, 2018

A splash of water on both cheeks and a rub of a towel. For some girls, that is all the preparation necessary for them to be able to face the day. However, for others, more elements are needed. Contrary...

PUNNY PALS:   Performing under the spotlight, juniors Jack Taylor and Ellie Eavenson improvise their act during the Comedy Sportz show, alongside Leader Beth Ann Barber. Two teams compete for points in Comedy Sportz competitions and audience participation is always incorporated.

Comedy Sportz calls for audience participation

Karina Benson, asst. a&e editor
December 22, 2017

Quick— think fast. What’s something hilariously funny and unbelievably witty that will make this audience roar with laughter? From games to wacky situations made up entirely on the spot, South’s...

NOBLE NINE: Rehearsing for one of their performances, Nine practices contemporary music with their unique a capella style. This all-male singing group consists of (Top row, left to right) seniors Colb Uhlemann, Zach Adams, Garrett Larson, junior Jimmy McMahon, senior Jack Taylor and (bottom row, left to right) sophomore Ben Kalish, junior Zach Reiss, sophomore Cole Dubrow, and senior Patrick An.

Nine encourages male involvement in choir, establishes long-lasting bonds

Karina Benson, asst. a&e editor
October 6, 2017

From singing onstage at the variety show to circling the lunch tables on Valentine’s Day, the all-male a capella group, Nine, puts their own special twists on musical numbers, according to co-choir Director...

SERENADING SCAT THAT: Reading their music intently, (from left to right) sophomore Jenna Kim, seniors Micheal McNeela and Yenny Ha and junior Ellie Eavenson sing in South’s only jazz group, Scat That. This group is directed by co-choir director Andrew Toniolo, pictured above.

Scat That provides alternate jazz ensemble option for GBS singers

Karina Benson, asst. a&e editor
October 6, 2017

From snapping to boo bopping, South’s vocal jazz ensemble, Scat That, brings the musical art form of jazz to life. The jazz ensemble was formed in 2008 by the former co-choir Director, Stevie Marks....

South faculty reflects on growth of arts since their graduation

Karina Benson, staff reporter
May 26, 2017

Not long ago they were sitting at small wooden desks, anxiously awaiting the return of their tests, now they are handing the tests back themselves. Not long ago they sat in the cafeteria laughing with...

Exceptional Etruscan:   Diligently working on South’s yearbook, Etruscan, the editors aim to include all features of South, taking into account recent international events and their impact on the school. This publication, themed, “Exactly Like Nothing Else,” was finalized April 27.

Etruscan commemorates all aspects of South’s year

Karina Benson and Emma Morris
May 26, 2017

Swirling designs, bold headlines and unique stories burst from the glossy papers of a 500 page yearbook. South’s yearbook staff, composed of photographers, designers, writers and editors, works tirelessly...

Sarah Warner reflects on art career, leads by example

Karina Benson, Staff Reporter
March 17, 2017

Blues, greens and reds of all different shades flow across a blank white canvas. With her head bent over her work, senior Sarah Warner, AP Art student, diligently paints another feather of a Native American...

Sound of Sundstrom  :  Playing bass guitar at Battle of the Bands on Dec. 2, junior Jack Sundstrom takes the stage along with senior Antonio Duca and juniors Quinn Smialek and Jack Quinones. Sundstrom is a part of Jazz Band and Orchestra and also plays bass guitar with several groups. Photo by Liz Claire Rodriguez

Sundstrom channels lifelong passion into musical achievements

Emma Morris, Karina Benson, and
February 10, 2017

It’s a Saturday night in a dimly lit restaurant. The GBS Jazz combo is playing in the background. The sound of a high pitched trumpet rings through the air, as the drums hold the time together for the...

Smiling through   serendipity:  Strumming and singing, juniors Audrey Hwang and Zoë Gunderson respectively rehearse for their upcoming shows. The two met in 2016 through the Glenview Rock House and soon established themselves as a band entitled Serendipity.

Dynamic duo covers songs, creates own band, Serendipity

Karina Benson, staff reporter
November 4, 2016

Serendipity; the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. For juniors Audrey Hwang and Zoë Gunderson, their meeting was unexpected, and in turn according to Haley Hwang,...

Enlightened by Ermel: Daniel Ermel, new co-choir director, teaches Glee choir class. His goal for students is for them to grow as musicians by looking further into the music they perform.

New co-choir joins Titans, brings new ideas

Karina Benson, staff reporter
October 27, 2016

Despite his former Spartan spirit, Glenbrook North graduate Daniel Ermel has joined South’s Titans as the new co-choir director. Ermel says that while he had played piano for several years when he...

Student gamers challenge labels, overcome stereotypes

Student gamers challenge labels, overcome stereotypes

Karina Benson, staff reporter
May 27, 2016

The many different worlds of video games are filled with obstacles and puzzles designed to challenge both the player’s gaming abilities as well as their problem solving skills. According to senior Will...

Sculpture class propositioned to be school year elective

Karina Benson, staff reporter
May 13, 2016

The GBS Art Department offers several classes to students, ranging from the two-dimensional world of painting and drawing to the three-dimensional pendants and rings of jewelry. According to Art Teacher...

DECORATING DUO: Attaching a yellow streamer to support posts, juniors Danielle Callas and Bailey Burke lay the finishing touches on a pyramid for GBSís Turnabout dance, ìNight on the Nileî, on March 5. Callas and Burke participate in Girls Letter Club, a club for varsity female athletes, which is one of the many extracurricular activities offered at GBS.

GBS named number one: Niche placed South as top school in nation for extracurricular activities

Karina Benson, Yoon Kim, and Chaerim Park
March 11, 2016

Niche, an organization that reviews K-12 public schools, recently ranked GBS number one of all public high schools in the nation when it comes to extracurricular activities, which includes clubs, organizations...

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