An ode to Glenbrook South

Rachel Koopersmith, staff writer

This year was full of lasts for me. The last year of high school. The last year in Glenview. The last year of seeing people I’ve known since preschool every day at school. The last high school dances, Friday night football games, Variety Shows, and so much more. And for the last column I write, I want to highlight some of my favorite places at South. Thus, this is my ode to South.

My ode to:

1. The cafeteria

I hated the cafeteria freshman year. Every day, my friends and I would scour South for an open space to sit down in during lunch. As long as it wasn’t the freshman cafeteria, I was content. Throughout the years, my perspective concerning the cafeteria has changed dramatically. While many of my peers go out to lunch daily, I love staying in and spending time with my friends in the cafeteria. While part of the reason I stay in is due to accessibility, I loved seeing people that I wouldn’t have seen if I had gone out to lunch. Also, let’s take a moment to appreciate the food. I mean, the panini line and stir fry station have to be the best thing ever.

2. The TV room

The first time I stepped into the TV room, I was in eighth grade at the freshman clubs and activities fair. I remember feeling overwhelmed as I walked through the studio on a student-led tour, looking at the variety of equipment the room held. This year, I was the student leading the tour. Through the Introduction to Broadcasting, Beginning TV, and Advanced TV classes, I have spent nearly half my time at South in this room. From working on miscellaneous projects to being in the studio for hours on end for Variety Show, I have grown to love this room as well as the people in it.

3. The parking lot

 Oh man, the GBS parking lot. I have seen a few too many car crashes and close calls happen right in front of me. You can understand change and growth by looking at the parking lot through different lenses. On your walk to and from school, you can find the colorful leaves from the fall turn into a foot deep of winter snow. I spent most of my winters indoors, but those short two-minute walks allowed me to appreciate how beautiful the seasons in Glenview can be.

4. The stadium

For the past four years, the stadium has been my home for every field hockey season. The immense amount of happiness I experienced playing a sport I loved with my favorite people is unmatched. While field hockey hadn’t been a prevalent sport in my life before high school, it is on the Titan field.

5. The Oracle

Finally, The Oracle has been a very important part of my high school career. Since taking the Introduction to Journalism class in my freshman year, The Oracle has given me a platform to write columns to express who I am and allow me to cover issues that matter to me. And for this, I am beyond grateful.

High school entails a plethora of full-circle moments and it is important to make the most of all of them. And that concludes the end of ode to South.