Goodbye Glenview


Emily Pavlik, co-editor-in-chief

Dear Class of 2023,

As my final words in The Oracle, I want to thank this community for giving me a platform to be heard, express myself, and continue my passions during high school. 

Every year we have our “last day”, a time of goodbyes and best wishes. We may touch on the idea of our excitement for the two month getaway from our classmates, our school, and our teachers. But the consistent ending for all of these past goodbyes included one thing this year doesn’t—another year. 

This is our last goodbye.

And are we all ready to let go of our history?

Eighteen. That is how many years Glenview babies like myself have spent together. As we turn the tassel on our graduation caps, we’ll be forever bonded over the community we’ve built over these long, harsh, and seemingly never-ending years. 

I found high school to be the longest yet also most rewarding experience of my life. From the horrible acne and AP testing, to finding my true friends and reaching a personal record on my 400 meter relay, we, the Class of ‘23, grew up watching one another in the best and worst moments of our lives. Although I have always been surrounded by familiar faces of my classmates and felt a sense of comfort knowing almost everyone in my class, there was a feeling of stagnancy that slowly crept in.

 As the end of this year approached, I couldn’t help but feel drained and relieved that I would soon be leaving this school behind. However, as I reflected on my time here, I came to the realization that this group of students had been an integral part of my growth and development, and I have taken their presence for granted. It wasn’t until now that I truly appreciated the impact all of you had on my life.

These are the final moments of talking with those school friends, the people you look forward to seeing every Monday morning but never connect with outside of class. The people you want the best for but may never see again after graduation. I’ve learned that I should value these friendships while I have them before their expiration date. I encourage the Class of ‘23 to thank their peers and soak up the experiences with their “school friends” that have made an impact on their life.  

We’ve become a student body that bleeds blue and gold, but now, as the curtains close on this South fairytale, our relationships hang in the balance. I’m not worried about keeping the friendships that have developed into my best friends—those are the people I’ll see everyday over summer and look forward to reconnecting with during college breaks. However, what about the Titans from Class of ‘23 that have made these teenage years bearable; whether it was the unhinged comments or laugh attacks they’ve given me, I owe most of my entertaining Titan memories to them.

Although some students are very annoying, the thought of saying goodbye forever seems daunting. 

The thought of everyone leaving has crossed my mind many times. I may never again see the students that have made such an impact on my South experience, whether it is my supportive teammates on track, or my senior co-leaders in Peer Group. It will be a tough goodbye.

 I hope for many that you’re able to achieve your highest dreams, and if one day in the future I flip through my phone reading a name I recognize, know I’ll be cheering you on from a distance.

Glenview only takes up a small dot on the face of this planet, yet Titans will traverse the globe. I can’t wait to see everyone take flight.

So, when you look back at your photos from 2019-2023, they will remain a scrapbook for us all, a past we all share in common. Class of ‘23, good luck on your next adventures, because for the Titans I may never see again, thank you for being here the past four years. I wish you all nothing but the best.



Em Pav