Young squad looks to succeed in postseason

Sam Babitsky, staff reporter

As an all around balanced team, South’s women’s varsity swim team seems to be in a good place as the season begins to round its final corner, according to head coach Kelly Timson.

The Titans sit in second place in the Central Suburban League South, following a strong finish at their own Titan Relays.  With seven overall wins, GBS looks to stay on track as their season moves closer to the playoffs.

For Timson, the team has accomplished its short-term goals, but continues to strive for success as they reach the postseason. Swimming is measured with time, and Timson believes the team is right where it is projected to be.

“So far we’ve pretty much done everything we’ve wanted to […] work hard in practice, beat GBN, be at certain times by this time of the year, and so far, we’re there,” Timson said. “As we look toward the end of the season, I’m excited about what we can do.”

According to Timson, much of the success from this year’s team has come not only from senior captains Hallie Hengels, Anna Veselovsky and Ali Bertog, but from many freshmen as well.

“All of our freshmen are going to do really great things in their four years at Glenbrook South, and although they are going fast now, they have so much more to come,” Bertog said. “They have really integrated well into the team.”

Timson also had much praise for the underclassmen. She commends the freshmen for stepping up like they did early in the season.
“Being a freshman in general is hard,” Timson said. “Put swimming on top of it and they [all] show a lot of maturity and have played large roles in our meets.”

Playing a big role on the team has been up and coming freshman, Katie Wells, who receives high regards from captains as well as coaches.

“Seeing Wells go fast is not a surprise but seeing her do as well as she is [doing is] amazing,” Hengels said. “Katie works so hard every day and she really motivates everyone on the team even through the really hard practices.”

Timson is mostly impressed with Wells’ ability to remain poised and controlled through meets and big races, as well as going above and beyond in practice.

“What impresses me most is her ability to train in practice; she doesn’t just do the bare minimum,” Timson said. “In meets she shows a lot of maturity in just rising to the occasion and not getting freaked out in a big race where she could be the anchor leg in a relay.”
Bertog looks forward to seeing what Wells and junior Olivia Smoliga can do not only for the rest of this season, but wherever swimming takes them in the future as well.

“I’m so excited to see what both of them will do at their final meets and beyond,” Bertog said. “They are both going to continue to grow as swimmers and people.”

According to Timson, the team went to Lake Geneva one weekend in hopes to increase the unity of the team. In result, Timson gave them a day off of practice.

“They did a team weekend where they went to Lake Geneva and to support that, I gave them a day off from practice,” Timson said. “My role is to just support those types of activities.