Class of 2021 memories


Illustration by Hannah Franklin

Lexi Babich, asst. features editor

As the class of 2021’s high school journey comes to an end, South’s seniors remember their favorite memories from this past year. Although Covid-19 has not only knocked out half of their junior year but also their final year at South, the class of 2021 has collectively held a positive attitude throughout this experience. Over the course of four years together, many seniors have created bonds and lasting memories to carry on for years to come.

Senior Halle Mann reminisced about the homecoming football games and pep rally shows. As a member of De La Cru, Mann explained that their performances were always eventful and promoted an immense amount of school spirit. Although Covid-19 restrictions were still in place at this year’s homecoming football game and pep rally, Mann kept a positive attitude and looked forward to the event.

“After we danced [at the pep rally] we all rushed onto the football field which was so fun,” Mann said. “The [football] game is full of school spirit and music and having a blast and it’s a great environment to be around. It’s easily something I looked forward to every single year and I’m going to miss it.”

Opting into in-person learning has made this year even more enjoyable, according to senior Taylor Geltis. Whether that includes going to events for yearbook or being able to pass her friends in the hallway, going in-person to school has made the year feel slightly more normal, Geltis explained.

“The best memories have come from being in-person, instead of sitting at home all day,” Geltis said. “I do better when I’m around people and doing something with my time. This year I’ve learned that I enjoy being in school a lot more than I thought because, for me, it is way better when compared to remote learning.”

Senior Artie Schleizer said that his favorite memory this year was his first track meet. Due to last year’s season being canceled, Schleizer explained that to be able to be with his teammates again finally felt like things were getting back on track.

“It felt like we were finally getting back to normal and to be able to compete in the sport I love again was such an incredible feeling,” Schleizer explained. “Having my friends and teammates with me throughout the past year was extremely amazing, and to watch them succeed after all the work we’ve done is something that will stick with me for a long time.”

Senior Olivia Geimer shared that her favorite memory this year was her all-day Saturday practices for this year’s musical, The Addams Family. Geimer added that she is thankful that a musical was still able to happen this year despite Covid-19.

“My favorite memory I have made at GBS this year has been my [practices] for the Glenbrook Musical because I not only got to do what I love, perform, but I got to do it with the people I love too,” Geimer said.

Similar to Geltis, senior Cole Luckey explained that his favorite memory this school year was being able to see his teachers and peers face-to-face.

“It had been around 10 months since I last attended a class at Glenbrook South and actually interacted with students,” Luckey said. “It felt so good to finally see my peers and teachers face-to-face instead of staring at my screen all day. It was so refreshing that we had some sense of normalcy in such an unpredictable time. It gave me a sense of hope that these crazy times are slowly but surely coming to an end.”