Tsolova set to graduate early from South

Dana Sim, Staff Reporter

Most students struggle with homework in a single English class, but junior Vassilena Tsolova manages to complete homework in not one but two English classes, which means reading 70 to 80 pages on some nights.

Taking both a junior English class and a senior English class, Tsolova plans to graduate from South with the senior class at end of the semester.

Skipping her senior year, Tsolova will be going to college a year early to major in biology in order to become a pharmacist.

To complete the credit requirements, Tsolova takes a number of extracurricular activities including ninth period Debate and is also a student tutor at the TLC.

“One of the opening remarks of [my English teacher Erin Bosack] was, ‘Hello, everybody. This is a senior English class. If you’re not a senior and you believe this is the wrong class, it’s time to say something,’” Tsolova said. “And this was me: just sink in my seat and pretend I’m invisible.”

In college, Tsolova is also planning to minor in Spanish. Mark Bauman, Tsolova’s Spanish teacher, supports Tsolova’s choice to graduate early.

“I always appreciate how positive [Tsolova] is in everything that she does and that attitude will serve her well in the future.” Bauman said.

Brandon Tucker, Tsolova’s science teacher, also supports Tsolova. Although initially stunned by Tsolova’s early graduation decision, Tucker said that it is not a surprise.

“From the get-go as a freshman [Tsolova] displayed the maturity and diligence of an upperclassman,” Tucker said. “She took pride in her work, was conscientious about completing all of her assignments on time and to high standards and was a solid participant in class.”

Tsolova encourages other juniors to consider early graduation.

“Early graduation is a really good option if you know what you want to do,” Tsolova said.

Tsolova believes she’s ready to go to college. According to Tsolova, staying at South would be a disadvantage for her. However, she will miss her friends.

“I’m really grateful to have gone to GBS, because I honestly believe that if it wasn’t for GBS, I wouldn’t have found my dream career […]and I wouldn’t have realized all these opportunities for me,” Tsolova said.