GBSIL provides fresh beat for band

GBSIL provides fresh beat for band

DRUMS DEBUT: Performing the Titan cadence, Ethan Stillman and Nick Niznik marched at the first home football game of the year on Sept. 5. They showcased the new drums that were bought for them by GBSIL.

Gracie Sands, staff reporter

The South band program has helped promote Titan spirit at events like pep rallies, sports assemblies and football games for many years. According to Bridget Neuson, president of the Glenbrook South Instrumental League (GBSIL), the South band program continues to develop due to the help of the GBSIL. This organization was initially established by band parents in order to support the band.

The GBSIL assists in a variety of ways such as chaperoning performances and competitions and holding fundraisers to give students opportunities to attend trips and pay for new equipment. Neuson stated that in reward for their work and devotion to the band program, they have recently been provided with a new set of drums, giving the band a new image and presence during their performances.

Band Director Greg Wojcik says that there is no way he could do everything without the GBSIL.

“They are a big part of [the program], in trying to get everything organized and just keep the whole thing rolling,” Wojcik said. “It’s a humongous job to keep going, and they’ve been very helpful.”

The GBSIL is constantly providing for the band’s every need, according Wojcik. Most recently, they were in need of new equipment and the GBSIL’s top priority became purchasing a new set of drums for the drumline. In order to make this possible, the “Heart and Soul” benefit was held last spring. It consisted of a silent auction, a performance by the  South jazz lab, and dinner. The fundraiser ultimately raised $13,500 to go towards the purchase of the drums.

Brenda Sheridan, an alumni parent board member, was very satisfied with the outcome of the benefit and the money that it raised for the band program.

“It was a great evening of celebration between the alumni parents and the current band students’ parents,” Sheridan said. “It was just a lot of fun, so we were very successful in the evening.”

Neuson explains that the addition of the new equipment has had a very positive impact. Since the drumline has received the new percussion instruments, she has noticed a change in the demeanor and performance of the band.

“Everyone is really excited about the new equipment,” Neuson said. “I think you can see it in the way they carry themselves. They’re very proud that they have this beautiful new equipment, and it doesn’t just benefit the drumline but the whole band.”

Drumline Captain Nick Niznik believes that it would not have been possible for the school to raise this money all on their own, so this organization was essential in making it possible. He comments on the level of excitement that drumline members felt when they received the new set of drums.

“Our new drums have kind of been like a new start to the season,” Niznik said. “We’re all pumped about it and it’s something to show off. They look really nice; it’s very showy. It gives us a new presence for competitions.”

Drum Major Danny Neuson believes that it’s the GBSIL that really sets the South band program apart from other schools.

“GBSIL is what makes band special, and with the GBSIL we are allowed to do a lot more special things and distinguish ourselves as a band,” Danny said.

Aaron Wojcik, assistant band director, notes that the GBSIL truly cares about the well-being of the band program and does anything they can to move it forward.

“I’ve never seen anything quite like the GBSIL as far as the mission that they have in supporting the program and the camaraderie,” Aaron said. “It’s not a business transaction; it’s on a personal level. ‘What can we do to help?’ ‘How can we make the band program better?’”