When I found out the TRUTH about Santa I…

Madison O'Brien, asst. features editor

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“…cried and refused to open my Christmas gifts until my sister promised me she was joking.” (Age 9)

-Lauren Marchetto, Senior

“…was in denial for a long time. I thought that maybe my parents were lying. Unfortunately, the handwriting on the presents resembled those of my parents so I eventually had to face the facts.” (Age 6)
-Vadik Bagdasarian, Sophomore

“…yelled at the mall Santa for being a fake and warned the other kids.” (Age 9)
-Jane Brennan, Sophomore

“…cried in my closet.” (Age 8)
-Molly McDonagh, Senior


“…hit my parents and locked myself in my room for three and a half hours and wouldn’t believe them” (Age 8)

-Dillon McNulty, Freshman

“…started to cry right [when my brother blurted out that Santa wasn’t real] while I was saying my Christmas list and my parents tried to cover it up but they couldn’t…” (Age 7)
-Makenzie Koch, Sophomore

“…was so mad that I locked myself into my room because I thought it was a joke. Then I didn’t talk to my family for one week, but when I started talking again I had a list of presents I never got that my mom didn’t get me!” (Age 7)
-Caroline Caspers, Senior

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