What do students want in a principal?

Jack Latrielle, staff writer

Humble, friendly, and willing to embrace student activities. For junior Natalie Brady, these are qualities she hopes to see in the next principal. As South searches for a new principal, students weigh in on what qualities they would like to see.

“[A principal should] be someone who’s there for students and wants the best for them,” Brady said.

For junior Angelo Karadimas, the principal should be welcoming to students by putting in extra effort to participate in events and engage with students beyond school hours.

“Our new principal should be open-minded and approachable, because many students are too nervous to get to know the principal,” Karadimas said.

Among the top traits students want in the new principal is kindness and trustworthiness, according to an unscientific survey of 330 students conducted by The Oracle. Senior

Tomoki Imura, student body president, hopes that the new principal will be open with students and parents, and establish clear communication regarding issues occurring at school.

“The role of the principal is to make sure the kids feel safe at our school, and make sure students feel like they belong to South’s community,” Imura said. “That involves being transparent about what [the administration] is doing, so people don’t [feel] scared to come to school.”

Brady, president and founder of the Computer Science Club, felt that her club is underrepresented. Brady proposed a solution the new principal could enact.

“A solution I [would suggest to] the new principal [is] having a club fair every month so people could visit the clubs.” Brady said.

Another qualification suggested by senior Maryam Khandokar was for the new principal to be a person of color. Khandokar explained that having a principal of color would not only increase diversity in the school, but also promote inclusivity for all students.

“It would be a [really big] change; I don’t remember ever having a principal of color,” Khandokar said. “It would be a good representation of people who want to be heard and understood.”