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The news site of Glenbrook South High School.

The Oracle

The news site of Glenbrook South High School.

The Oracle

Get space without participating in cut-off culture

Olivia Perkins, Opinions Editor
March 17, 2023

Cut-off culture. The concept in which you weed out a relationship in a fashion similar to that of cutting off your hair’s six-week-old split ends. While this seemingly cold and somewhat rash action...

Dealing with breakups

Gabe Blumenfeld, guest columnist
February 17, 2023

It’s not me, it’s you.  As all good things begin, so too must the bad ones end. The dreaded breakup is a confrontation that marks the formal end of a relationship. From being as straightforward as...

Don’t rush relationships

Gaby Yap, asst. opinions editor
February 17, 2023

My first relationship was far from magical. It was the wrong situation, the wrong person, and, most especially, the wrong time. At the moment, I hated not being in a relationship, and seeing others around...

Opposites do attract

Callie Choi, guest columnist
February 17, 2023

We have all heard of the black cat and golden retriever trope, grumpy and cheerful; and the sun and moon cliché. Although these tropes may be a romanticized perception of opposing personalities, I believe...

Media isn’t everything

Maya Scahill, asst. a&e editor
February 17, 2023

Starting from a young age, many are exposed to the idea of perfect relationships, especially from movies like High School Musical to classics like 10 Things I Hate About You and Clueless. When I got to...

The evolution of Valentine’s Day practices

Nicole Surcel, Co-opinions editor
February 12, 2021

Each holiday celebrated across America unifies a group of individuals in honoring a common culture. While many holidays are based in religion and celebrated by those who adhere to a particular faith, there...

Sex education in America suffers under societal taboo

Maia Schwallie, co-opinions editor
March 16, 2020

Let's talk about sex! If that sentence made you a little uncomfortable, I'm not surprised. As we have all probably gathered from the giggles and grimaces that fill our health classes, sex is one of...

Illustration by Ella Prillaman

Thank U, Next: Students learn from romantic relationships

Ellie Ruos, co-features editor
February 14, 2020

In third grade, Valentine’s Day meant a class party in your homeroom. It meant Sweetarts, Hershey’s Kisses, and conversation hearts. It meant telling your crush on the playground that you like them,...

INTERFAITH FRIENDS:   Observing art in Pilsen, a neighborhood in Chicago, Liad, a Jewish Israeli, connects to a particular image by holding hands with figures in the mural (right).

Hands of Peace builds interfaith relationships

Samantha Boas and Augie Mikell
October 6, 2017

An act of Palestinian distress occurs in Israel. While Israelis believe it to be an act of terrorism, Palestinians view it as a protest. According to senior Ben Bernstein, this conversation, along with...

High school relationships build positive experiences

High school relationships build positive experiences

Lilly Ludwig, asst. opinions editor
November 6, 2015

I’ve been dating my boyfriend, Alex, for almost three years. There’s no getting around it; that’s a pretty long time to do anything. However, we’ve managed to grow up together while maintaining...

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