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The news site of Glenbrook South High School.

The Oracle

The news site of Glenbrook South High School.

The Oracle

Answers are in your DNA: do you want to find them?

Answers are in your DNA: do you want to find them?

Eliza Schloss and Josie Schneider
February 8, 2019

If you had the opportunity to trace your genealogy back to your ancestors, would you? If you had the ability to identify genetically predisposed conditions before they might develop, would you want to...

TWISTING TREES:   Competing in the Illinois High School Art Exhibit, which took place on Feb. 25, junior Joanne Park’s piece titled “Variety and Repetition Tree Cups and Saucer” won first place in the ceramics division. This competition featured work from around 500 student artists within the state.

Park wins first place in IHSAE’s ceramics division

Josie Schneider, co-a&e editor
March 16, 2018

Two mounds of clay, rolled, spun, carved and glazed into two tree-bark-covered cups, sprouting with branches, complete with a grassy base. This piece, titled “Variety and Repetition Tree Cups and Saucer,”...

Humanities class works to create mural, inspired by Inside Out

Josie Schneider, asst. a&e editor
April 21, 2017

Portraits of many different faces, ranging in size, from life size to even bigger, pasted on building walls all through the world. This is the Inside Out project. Created by French artist and activist...

Art’s loose definition stems from self expression

Art’s loose definition stems from self expression

Josie Schneider, assistant editor
December 16, 2016

Art. A single word that can describe the seemingly effortless strokes of a paintbrush or the smooth sound of a singer. In a non-scientific Oracle conducted survey, out 291 students 77 percent said that...

Poetry club’s open mic night creates community and promotes self expression

Josie Schneider and Emma Morris
June 7, 2016

At seven o'clock p.m. on April 29, a lone microphone stands in the drama dance room with a spotlight shining on it, welcoming everyone and whoever cares to share their work. Next to the microphone is a...

VACATION PREPARATION: Rehearsing various pieces of music, sophomore Erin Kirby and senior Marc Turenne play the clarinet to help the band determine which to perform in Hawaii. The band holds special rehearsals in order to prepare for their performance.

Band, choir pay tribute to Pearl Harbor with trip to Hawaii

Josie Schneider, staff reporter
March 14, 2016

One hundred and eighty-seven band and choir members will be traveling to Hawaii for spring break starting on March 28, according to Greg Wojcik, band director and a supervisor of the trip. The students...

GIRLS ‘N SYNC: Singing the song “Mind Over Matter,” sophomores Katharine Springer, Claire Valenziano and Lily Reighard participate in the This ‘n That Coffee House. The event allowed students, who normally don’t get many chances to perform, to sing in a casual environment in the choir room.

This ‘n That Coffee House brings mellow performances

Josie Schneider, Staff Reporter
December 18, 2015

This ‘n That Coffee House is an event that transforms the small South choir room into a chill, coffee house ambiance. It’s an event hosted for the second time by GBS vocal jazz group, Scat That. The...

Senior Jini John explores, develops passion for art

Gigi Cepeda & Josie Schneider, staff writers
December 3, 2015

Quiet. First impressions of senior Jini John are mostly consistent among her peers and teachers. But as people get to know John and her talent shines through, according to those who know her best, it is...

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