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The news site of Glenbrook South High School.

The Oracle

The news site of Glenbrook South High School.

The Oracle

Chilling with Choumiatsky: Creating music on her DJ controller, Choumiatsky was first interested in DJing in seventh grade. She has plans to produce music as a hobby in the future.  Photo courtesy of Svetlana Choumiatsky

Seniors pursue careers in the musical field

Esther Lim, co-a&e editor
May 21, 2021

As South’s seniors begin to look towards a new chapter in their future, they are also faced with many uncertainties about the possibilities ahead. However, for some seniors who are immersing themselves...

Illustration by Aubrey Palaganas

An ode to the Fine Arts Department

Esther Lim, co-a&e editor
May 21, 2021

Among the many water fountains peppered throughout South, I’ve always had a go-to: the Fine Arts Department fountain. It’s a different model than the others in the building. It has a boxy, awkward...

Minari reveals a true American story

Esther Lim, a&e editor
March 19, 2021

Minari: a fibrous, tough plant that grows close to a water source, thriving in its habitat without much need for attention—graceful and resilient.  With the same name, Lee Isaac Chung’s autobiographical...

Jovial Jannabi: Posing for their band portrait, the band derived their name from the pure Korean word meaning “monkey,” the Chinese Zodiac
animal that the bandmates share in common with each other. Bassist Kyung-joon Jang, guitarist Do-hyung Kim, vocalist Jung-Hoon Choi and drummer
Kyul Yoon (from left to right) have been bandmates since 2013.

Jannabi’s new EP offers sweetness of nostalgia

Esther Lim, co-a&e editor
December 18, 2020

A whiff of sweet, tooth-aching nostalgia, the recalling of a hazy childhood memory beneath the warmth of the bed covers in the midst of a particularly cold, dark, emotional night: this is the essence of...

Russell pursues musical education passion at South

Esther Lim, co-a&e editor
October 2, 2020

Long tones—always play those long tones! These are the words of wisdom Markeises Russell, new Fine Arts Department instructional supervisor and co-band director, tells his students every band rehearsal....

South students use time in quarantine to explore new, old hobbies

Lexi Babich and Esther Lim
June 12, 2020

South students’ days fill up with one e-learning assignment after the next and with Zoom call after Zoom call. With so much time spent solely indoors, the seemingly endless days spent under quarantine...

Living with two cultural names leads to balance in life

Esther Lim, assistant features editor
March 16, 2020

If I’ve ever introduced myself to you, I probably introduced myself to you as “Esther.” Because, of course, that’s my name. What I probably won’t tell you upon our first meeting, however, is...

Toys AND Tots: Playing with LEGOs, two Titan Tots participate in their class time playing with toys.      South students have discovered passions for childhood education through through their experiences                 with Titan Tots.

Titan Tots Provides enriching learning environment

Esther Lim, asst. features editor
February 14, 2020

Welcome to Titan Tots: a place of care-free play, juice boxes, imagination, laughter, snacks and Hot Wheels™ right here at South. Junior Bella Trapp works alongside Preschool Teacher Michelle Goodrich....

Natural disasters teach value of charity

Natural disasters teach value of charity

Esther Lim, asst. features editor
November 15, 2019

It was a normal school day in 2018 for freshman Sakura Honda. She went up to the teacher ask them a question during her English class in Jakarta, Indonesia, where she was attending school at the time....

Sensei Smith: English Teacher Austin Smith diversifies his passions by teaching karate to his students. Photo courtesy of Austin Smith

South teachers gain new perspectives through second jobs

Esther Lim, Asst. Features Editor
October 4, 2019

Holding tarantulas, lunging kicks, and controlling breathing for pilates exercises: these are just a few of the dynamic responsibilities some South teachers have held in jobs outside of the classroom....

Students experience effects of school-related anxiety

Students experience effects of school-related anxiety

Esther Lim and Sloane Shabelman
April 22, 2019

Freshman Maya Williams* laughs with her friends during finals week when she suddenly starts thinking about her English final next block. The room around Williams starts to spin and she feels her knees...

Braving the cold, Stankowicz directs school traffic. The West lot is full of students and cars after school, and Stankowicz works to keep students safe no matter the weather.

Paraprofessional creates welcoming environment at South

Esther Lim, staff reporter
March 15, 2019

Waving directions for incoming traffic, scanning students back into the school, and keeping them safe in the halls are all integral parts of Frank Stankowicz’s job at South as a paraprofessional. However,...

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