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50th anniversary choral concert unites alumni with students

Mary Friedman, co-web editor

May 25, 2012

South alumni, consisting of 90 graduates from the class of 1962 to the class of 2011, performed in the orchestra and Master Singers’ Concert May 8 in honor of South’s 50th anniversary. Among these alumni was Tim Pittner,...

Mungo mixes genres to create distinct sound

Kali Croke, staff reporter

May 25, 2012

Last year, five freshmen brought their passions for music together and formed the band Mungo, which is now a South sophomore band. The band members include lead singer Janna Lyhus, drummer Chris “Bear Claw” Neuhaus, bassist...

Ravina offers unique concert atmosphere for summer

Aaron Ach, staff reporter

May 25, 2012

With summer just around the corner, students begin to purchase tickets for various music festivals and concerts. Some of these concerts are at Ravinia in Highland Park, which hosts over 120 live performances between June and August. This...

Students express themselves through original styles

Melissa Flaxman, staff reporter

May 25, 2012

Bright colors, a mix of patterns, tights with different colored legs, cardigans and skirts. These are some of the items that are found in junior Alison Pigott’s wardrobe that make up her unique style. According to Pigott,...

New band Zaramela aims to embrace opportunities

Sally You, Shea Anthony, asst. A&E editor, asst. features editor

May 25, 2012

The blaring sound of a trumpet, played by junior Aaron Gamalinda, takes over the melody as a deep, rich saxophone, played by junior Mike Jang, and a methodic drum beat, laid down by junior Malcolm Engel, combine to form a catchy...

Distorted Self-Image: Recovering sophomore Lindsey Zelvin creates SOFA club in order to raise awareness about eating disorders

Rachel Mann, co-A+E Editor

May 25, 2012

Walking into the cafeteria, a girl observes the student members selecting their food. Some migrate toward the sandwiches. Others opt for a fruit cup. The girl feels her stomach rumbling, but then notices her body in the reflection...

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