Sports Spotlight

Personal growth in golf

Angelina Stratakos, guest columnist

Motivation. Discipline. Perseverance. These have all been prevalent skills for me during my experiences as a GBS athlete.

 Although I play two very different sports, basketball and golf, they both have taught me a very similar lesson: the importance of having a supportive team.

Being an athlete has been one of the most rewarding and positive experiences I could ever ask for. Sports, especially at South, create so many opportunities to connect with my teammates in a way that nothing else can. The sense of camaraderie between the girls’ golf team is extremely powerful. Whether it’s for advice, or for a post-school snack, the golf course is the place to be. The connections I’ve made and experiences I’ve had have been some of the memorable moments of my time at South. 

One of my most bittersweet memories from this golf season was the year-end banquet. The coaches made mini speeches about each player and their performance, but also describe what type of person they are. Hearing our coaches’ words and the impact we each had on the team was a very impactful moment for me. Moreover, it was a sad realization that it was the end of our seniors’ high school golf careers.

I am truly honored to have had teammates as wonderful as mine, especially the senior girls this year. The seniors have been great role models for my teammates and made me very excited for the future of our growing girls’ sports programs. 

Being an athlete goes beyond talent and skill; it takes patience, good sportsmanship, and dedication. These were all traits I saw this season in my teammates. Despite having a bad round or a bad day, my teammates were always encouraging and ready to score lower and do better on the next hole. This growth mindset and ability to embrace mistakes is something I strive towards every day. 

In addition to teammate bonds, my coaches have made an evident impact on my life. My coaches have pushed me to persevere through the hardest of games and matches, to take losses as growth, and wins as celebrations of hard work.

Sports have meant so much more to me than just competing, improving my score, or winning games. In both golf and basketball, I’ve made incredible friendships with my teammates; I’ve gained role models through my senior teammates and my coaches. Most importantly, these connections have helped me grow as a person, with traits that have gone far beyond the golf course or the basketball court.