Questions and Answers with Cody Carroll

Questions and Answers with Cody Carroll

Hannah Mason, asst. sports editor

Senior receiver Cody Carroll broke his collarbone on Oct. 4 when the football team lost to Evanston Township 17-14. Carroll underwent surgery and is doing therapy to recover. Carroll is focused on keeping a positive mindset and getting better for baseball season in the spring.

Can you take me through the play in which you got injured?

“It was like any other route, one of our deeper routes. I caught the ball like I would any other time and fell weird on my shoulder. I felt a pop and knew something bad had happened from there.”

How have you been dealing with the situation emotionally?

“I’m fine, a little sad that my season is over. It was hard during homecoming to stand on the sideline and watch my team play. Other than that I’m looking forward to getting better for baseball season.”

Other than being out from sports, how else has this injury impacted your life?

“[I know] it could have been much worse and I’m happy that it wasn’t. I’m not sure how he’s doing now, but one of the Lane Tech receivers was in a coma, so I’m just happy that didn’t happen [to me].”

Do you think you will be able to come back in the spring for baseball?

“I’m definitely anxious for the season to come. Everyone says that my arm motion will be fine and I should be how I was before. So I’m definitely excited for my senior season of baseball.

What has been your recovery process thus far and how have you been feeling?

“I come to the trainer every day after school, before I go out to practice. Brian [one of the trainers] has me do a few things, like [use] a stress ball he gave me, and I just stretch out my arm. I wear a sling during school for more protective reasons.”