‘Voltron: Legendary Defender’ comes together with visual effects, compelling stories

Alissa Donatello, staff reporter

Animated shows aren’t always the first thing people will think about when talking about a really good television show. Most animated shows are catered towards children, after all. But that is not the case when people talk about Voltron: Legendary Defender.

Voltron first aired in the ‘80s as a comedic animated show, but this new show is a reboot made by Dreamworks Animation that aired on Netflix in 2016. Since it’s a reboot, adults who watched the old show are able to watch the new show with their kids and get all nostalgic while the kids experience something new. It’s a win-win for everyone.

What I found most enjoyable about the show is the storytelling. It has an interesting transition from story to animations thanks to the show’s art style. The show is pretty well animated, and the visual effects are stunning. This is what makes the show stand out besides the story. The animation itself is impressive, and the expressions of the characters perfectly portray the voices.

The show is about the five paladins (the fancy words for pilots) of Voltron. Voltron itself is comprised of five individual robot lions: blue, green, yellow, red, and black. The Blue Lion is piloted by Lance, the Green one has Pidge, the Yellow Lion is manned by Hunk, the Red Lion has Keith, and their leader, the pilot of the Black Lion, is named Shiro.

The show has some really good voice actors. Some are familiar, some have past experiences, and some seem pretty new to the scene (at least to my knowledge).  Lance (Jeremy Shada)  is well known as playing Finn from Adventure Time.

It’s obvious that the paladins defend the universe, but whom are they defending it from? An species of aliens known as the Galra and their leader, Emperor Zarkon, who will always “set a course for Voltron.” Zarkon been ruling majority of the universe for 10,000 years, and he won’t stop unless the paladins stop him.

The paladins, along with the help of Princess Allura and Coran of planet Altea, try their best to defeat Zarkon. Along the way, they learn to work more as a team. The group helps fellow aliens of the universe, and some of them promise to help them in the fight against Zarkon and end his reign of terror once and for all.

The story itself may seem simple at the beginning, but from there spawns many interesting plot points. It spawns new theories and idea that may or may not be true. These questions put into the show keep you guessing on the past of certain characters.

Sometimes, though, the plot seems to progress by slowly. The show does have one or two episodes that are basically filler, yet the episodes have some important plot connection that you have to watch it anyways.

What makes the show stand out in my opinion is how diverse the characters are. Lance and Keith seem to be constant rivals, but they can also put aside their differences and work together. As Lance once stated, “We do make a good team.” Shiro somehow manages to keep the team together, and that’s truly a sight to see, especially when they “form Voltron!” Pidge has their own secrets too, but I won’t reveal those.

The one thing the writers of the show haven’t been consistent about is character development. The show does have really good character development, but who for who gets development and when they get it has been very inconsistent. Hunk, for example, hasn’t gotten a lot of showtime in general, when basically everyone else has gotten at least some development. It’s a downside to the show.

In the end, Voltron: Legendary Defender mixes a bright and interesting cast of characters with a compelling story and beautiful art style. It’s a masterpiece of a show that anyone can watch. And by the end of it, you’ll surely have some iconic lines to use.