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The news site of Glenbrook South High School.

The Oracle

The news site of Glenbrook South High School.

The Oracle

Oracle After Hours: Henry Schleizer on the Bears and their rebuild

Henry Schleizer, co-opinions editor
December 21, 2018

‘Tis the season. The holidays are right around the corner, people are happy, Christmas has been ushered in with flurries of decorative lights, pine trees and (very) ugly sweaters. To go along with the...

Senior leaders Julia DiSano and Mickey Brozek watch on as their Peer Group freshman engage with each other in one of the many activities they do each week.

Peer Group influences the lives of both freshmen and seniors

Suzanne Kurland and Om Patel, Staff reporters
December 20, 2018

Walking through the maze of hallways at GBS and being surrounded by many unfamiliar faces towering down on you can be overwhelming for freshmen. But when senior Peer Group leader Aditya Bhalla strides...

South students seek internships to prepare for careers

Sam Weinberg, staff reporter
January 20, 2018

With academic pressure mounting and workplace competition on the rise, South students are pursuing a wide variety of internships in the Glenview area from which they hope to not only gain valuable work...

Bright Beckwith: Smiling in approval of the work of the GBS Model UN delegates, Nyssa Beckwith, social studies teacher, supervises the meetings activity.  Beckwith is the new adviser to the club after Terrence Jozwik retired last year.

Beckwith begins new legacy with GBS Model UN team

Mia Merchant and Lorelei Streb
October 17, 2017

At 7:30 on a Wednesday morning, the ARC buzzes with excitement. The air is filled with the clicking of Chromebooks and humming of busy conversation as the members of Model UN prepare for their upcoming...

‘Voltron: Legendary Defender’ comes together with visual effects, compelling stories

Alissa Donatello, staff reporter
June 17, 2017

Animated shows aren’t always the first thing people will think about when talking about a really good television show. Most animated shows are catered towards children, after all. But that is not the...

South’s newest clubs thrive, grow

Emily Bauer, staff reporter
June 13, 2017

With over 80 clubs, Glenbrook South is wired with diversity in activities. Whether it be cooking, juggling, or anime, there are many options available to South students. However, some students still saw...

Interact tackles two new projects: charitable garden, book donations

Ashley Desserich, staff reporter
June 13, 2017

Interact club added two new events to their calendar this year. The two projects included the construction of gardening boxes for a South Suburban high school and a book collection for a national program...

South students not immune to teenage driving trends:

Avery Jerva and Lorelei Streb
June 13, 2017

A stale green light hung over the intersection of Waukegan and Lake while John Skorupa, South Driver’s Education Teachers instructed a driving lesson with a South student at the wheel. According to Skorupa,...

Students juggle dual citizenship, reap benefits

Leah Dunne, staff reporter
May 11, 2015

Throughout South, diversity is a major component that contributes to the overall culture and dynamic of the student body. Diversity brings together different experiences and ways of life from each person,...

Elective choices unjustly determined by college appeal

Lauren Frias, co-a&e editor
April 16, 2015

We are born and bred to believe that doing well in school and showing academic prowess will get us far in life. Students challenge themselves daily to take as many advanced classes as possible, under the...

FCCLA club competes at state

Grace Brunzell, Staff Reporter
July 6, 2014

You’ve been intensely preparing for State. The stakes are high, so you’re planning on bringing your A game to the table. But before you can put your skills to the test, you have to make sure everything...

Oracle Asks: What would you change?

Camille Park, co-Editor in Chief
December 20, 2013

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