CBS broadcast journalist visits Oracle staff


The Oracle editorial board poses with Marissa Perlman, South Alum and former Co-Editor-in-Chief.

Jessie Norwood, Emily Pavlik, Caroline Ohlandt, co-editors-in-chief

Focusing on her time at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications and her journey toward becoming a broadcast journalist at CBS, Marissa Perlman, South Alum and former Oracle Co-Editor-in-Chief, visited South’s Honors Advanced Journalism class on Oct. 11. 

Oracle students, both on the Editorial Board and staff, asked Perlman questions regarding her career, college experience, and advice she had for aspiring journalists. Perlman highlighted how rewarding her career as a journalist has been, despite inconsistent scheduling, traveling to small towns for jobs, and negativity from audiences.

Oracle Advisor Bob Wysocki expressed gratitude for sharing her journalism journey with budding journalists.

“Meeting Marissa and talking to a working journalist was an impactful moment for many of my students,” Wysocki said. “She gave insights on everything from studying journalism in college, to the process of becoming a successful reporter. That information was invaluable for my students.”