Georges addresses South

In a monthly press conference, the Editorial Board asked Principal Dr. Barbara Georges to share a statement to establish her goals for the upcoming year as South’s new principal. Here is a complete transcript of her statement.

I’m really grateful that [students] are able to experience a more normal school year. I know the last few years have been really hard, [they’ve] really changed how the overall high school culture, experiences, and memories have been formed for this generation. So I’m grateful that we’ve started off this year, resuming all of our traditions, our values, and our structures to make your experience [at South] very positive and fun. I’m hoping we’re gonna have a really positive year and so far we have. 

I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you and hearing from all of you. There’s going to be a variety of opportunities as the months move on [for students] to connect with me so I can listen to student voices [and find out] about what [students are] hoping Glenbrook south will become or provide for us students. I’m working with the student council right now to construct a principal advisory committee that would be expansive to represent everything it means to be a student. So there would be a lot of stakeholders involved from different groups to be able to share the money of experiences and needs that a very diverse student population has.