South graduate meets hopeful student in Kenya

Georgia Arvanitis, co-news editor

Lauren Ingebrigtsen, 2014 graduate traveled to Kenya for a service trip with an organization called Matanya’s Hope July 7 to Aug. 28.

Ingebrigtsen had been a member of South club STAND for Peace for all four years of high school. STAND is dedicated to reaching their long-term goal of improving the everyday lives of people in developing nations. According to Ingebrigtsen, STAND has inspired her to make a difference and helped her decide what she wanted to do with her gap year after graduation.

According to club sponsor Matthew Whipple, Ingebrigtsen was a loyal STAND member with a broad view of the world. Whipple kept in contact with Ingebrigtsen while she was on the trip.

“I never thought that she would end up in Kenya, but I’m also not surprised,” Whipple said.

According to Whipple, STAND has been working with non-profit organization Matanya’s Hope to sponsor a child in need. The organization’s goal is to ultimately end poverty in Kenya by promoting and providing educational sponsorship.

“We left that in their hands to find someone that really needs a group like STAND to be there and we’re there,” Whipple said.

Matanya’s Hope had chosen a girl named Purity for STAND to sponsor. Purity is 13 years old and lives in Matanya, Kenya, which is where the organization, Matanya’s Hope, is based. According to Ingebrigtsen, Kenya was an incredibly humbling experience and has motivated her even more to help people in need.

“If you’re thinking about doing something that scares you, do it anyway,” Ingebrigtsen said. “It’s not easy [and] it’s not the ideal, but it’s worth it.”

According to Ingebrigtsen, Purity was humble and grateful for everything that has been done to support her education. Whipple also has high hopes for the future to keep supporting Purity.

“[Purity] seemed genuinely excited to see where school would take her next,” Whipple said.