Battle of the Bagels

Layla Mohamed, Riley Shankman, asst. news editor, asst. opinions editor

Einstein Bros. Bagels

We both really greatly enjoyed the bagel. It was toasted to the point where it was crispy but not burnt. We also thought the cream cheese was spread really well. An absolute classic!



Once Upon a Bagel (South’s Cafe)

We enjoyed this bagel to a certain extent. The bagel was fluffy and satisfying, and it was pleasant to eat overall. However, the center of the bagel was not toasted, but it was still a delicious bagel!



The Great American Bagel

This bagel was average. Despite high expectations, the bagel fell short, with no real flavor. If we ever return, we would definitely recommend trying a different item from the menu.

Glenview Grind

Not the best bagel but it definitely does the trick. The bagel itself was a little doughy, making it hard to chew. Although the overall flavor was decent, we recommend going to a different bagel shop.


Panera Bread

This bagel was nicely toasted and crispy. However, it was not as fluffy as other bagels. We recommend going to Panera if you want a quick, average, and reliable breakfast bagel.