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The Oracle

The news site of Glenbrook South High School.

The Oracle

The news site of Glenbrook South High School.

The Oracle

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No good choices for new voters

Riley Shankman, managing editor
April 25, 2024

For my entire life, I have looked forward to my 18th birthday. At 18, I will finally be an adult, go to college, and be able to vote. But as my 18th birthday nears, I am faced with a great irony: I...

In Other News: Migrant healthcare limited

Riley Shankman, managing editor
March 22, 2024

Illinois programs that provide healthcare to undocumented and some documented immigrant residents will be affected by changes that could result in many thousands of individuals losing their health insurance...

Summer birthdays are worth the wait

Summer birthdays are worth the wait

Riley Shankman, asst. opinions editor
May 19, 2023

For a lot of my life, pool parties and some form of ice cream cake have surrounded my birthday. Being outside was a must, and even if I ended up lobster red, I knew it was worth it to have the best birthday...

Battle of the Bagels

Layla Mohamed, Riley Shankman, asst. news editor, asst. opinions editor
March 17, 2023

Einstein Bros. Bagels We both really greatly enjoyed the bagel. It was toasted to the point where it was crispy but not burnt. We also thought the cream cheese was spread really well. An absolute classic!     Once...

Prequels, sequels, adaptations, oh my!

Riley Shankman, asst. opinions editor
September 30, 2022

I’ve always loved watching movie trailers that played before a movie began. I never cared how long they lasted or how they confused my young brain; the trailers astonished me, blowing me away with the...

True crime podcasts can be beneficial for teens to learn about the monsters in the world

“True crime podcasts can be beneficial for teens to learn about the monsters in the world”

Riley Shankman, Staff Writer
February 24, 2022

As kids, you sit around the campfire taking turns exchanging ghost stories. These stories were overdone with monsters at every corner. Now, as we’ve grown older we trade those fictional stories for real...

Girls’ b-ball climbs their rankings

Charlie Bickel and Riley Shankman
February 11, 2022

The buzzer sounded in the Dome as the girl’s basketball team beat New Trier on Dec. 10, marking the starting point of a successful season.   The team has had a promising season, featuring victories...

Technology Trumps Paper: A laptop lies next to an open book.                    Photo Credit: Pixabay

“This sudden shift back to paper assignments is inconvenient for students”

Riley Shankman, Columnist
December 2, 2021

During the months spent in hybrid learning, everyone relied on their Chromebooks and resources like Zoom, Edpuzzles, Flipgrids, or Google Classroom as new ways to learn from home. As we have shifted back...

Trouble on the Track: Freshman, Sophia Abraham runs along the track during gym class.

Girls feel uncomfortable in PE uniforms – here’s why

Riley Shankman, Columnist
September 23, 2021

Gym uniforms can be described as baggy, unflattering, and if we are being honest, ugly. This is especially true for the girls at South who have to wear uniforms more tailored towards boy's body types.  Historically...

Charitable concert: Seniors, Jeremy Bernstein, Sam Collett, Danny McNeela and Lev Sheinfeld perform at Jamnesty.

Charitable concert: Jamnesty combines activism and music

Music has the ability to unify people across different cultures, ethnic groups and regions. This globally-shared experience is what makes it so powerful, said senior Lev Sheinfeld, a member of the band...

Illustration by Sneha Augustine

English Language Learners Program lifts international students to academic success

Maya Scahill and Riley Shankman
April 23, 2021

Communication is vital in the high school environment, whether you need to communicate with teachers, administrators or students. Many students, such as senior Olexandra German, must learn to communicate...

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