Concert for a Cause: Tofu Fighters wins, raises money for Alzheimer’s awareness


Mia Hermann, Staff writer

Some are familiar with the high-stakes musical showdowns of game shows like The Voice or American Idol. But instead of a giant soundstage, national television, and Kelly Clarkson, South’s musicians went head-to-head at the Battle of the Bands to show off their talent and support a good cause, senior Shreya Ruia, Interact Club President, said.

A long-running South tradition sponsored by Interact Club, this year’s Battle of the Bands occurred on Dec. 9, a night of friendly competition between South student bands, Ruia said. All proceeds from the event were donated to the Alzheimer’s Association, adding an element of charity to the night of fun. 

“We charge an entrance fee of $20 for bands and  $5 for viewers, and all proceeds go to charity,” Ruia said. “It [is] a great entertaining event that does good for charity. [The charity we donate to] changes every year, based on what [Interact] Club leaders lean toward.”

Not only is Battle of the Bands a place to raise money for charity and allow students to showcase their talents, but it is also a welcoming event where everyone is let in with open arms, Mark Gallagher, Math Teacher and Interact Sponsor, explained.

“[Battle of the Bands] brings students together from [any grade] who may be performing in the music department, [as well as] students [who] would not normally come and attend Glenbrook South events,” Gallagher said. “It [is] all-inclusive; we want anybody who enjoys music and wants to support a good cause to come out.”

As well as giving back to charity, Battle of the Bands gave South’s musicians a platform to showcase their talent, Gallagher said. For senior Terry Treger, Battle of the Bands provided an opportunity for his band, Candy for Breakfast, to perform their original music, he explained. 

“We’ve been writing music together as a band for four years,” Treger said. “In my free time, I write music that I release on Spotify for fun. I wanted to start writing my own [music] so I could make [something] that sounds like what I like to listen to.”

Returning to the competition this year are the winners of the 2021 Battle of the Bands, The Tofu Fighters, senior Fiona Clements, the band’s singer, said. The other members of the band include seniors Avery Arnold, Sofia Oyarzún, and Cali Wilkinson, Clements added. 

Last year’s Battle of the Bands was the group’s first time performing together, Clements said. Despite not knowing what to expect, they received a heartwarming amount of support from the audience. 

“Even people who we [were not] friends with were super supportive,” Clements said. “It was crazy to try it for the first time and have all that support.”

Once again receiving an overwhelming amount of support from those who attended, the Tofu Fighters won this year’s Battle of the Bands, performing songs like Kyoto by Phoebe Bridgers and Satellite by Harry Styles.

The winner of Battle of the Bands is determined by student vote, but despite this aspect of competition, Battle of the Bands is more about having fun, being with friends, and putting on a good show, Treger explained. 

“The atmosphere is so lighthearted and laid-back, and everyone [will] support you no matter what happens,” Treger said. “We [have] learned that as long as [you are] having fun, that [is] all that matters.”