Behind the Scenes of Stitched

Maya Scahill, asst. a&e editor

Stitched, South’s fashion magazine, offers a wide variety of jobs for students including makeup artistry, photography, modeling, and graphic design, Stitched sponsor Amie Elliott said. 

Stitched meets once a week and publishes once a semester. Members split up into groups based on individual photo shoots they signed up for, Elliott explained. 

Members are also given a place to describe their photoshoot ideas in detail, she added. In a form sent out at the beginning of each semester, members add in positions that they need filled, and at a later meeting other members are able to sign up for different positions, Elliott explained.   

 After positions are filled for each shoot, members get together to plan out the actual photo shoot, senior Maggie Parsons, Stitched Publicity Editor, explained. 

“Once every shoot is filled, members are where they want to be [and] everyone has a designated place,” Parsons said. “They work for [around] three weeks before the end of the semester with their group [to] execute their shoot.”

After photoshoots are completed, each shoot’s graphic designer works with the models to decide which photos to use on the page, and how they want it to look overall, Elliott explained. Each page can have up to seven photos, depending on the  editor’s’ page design, and graphic designers can add graphics and color to the pages, Elliott said.

A very important aspect of the magazine is incorporating a wide variety of ideas, Elliott said. Everyone is given a fair evaluation and every idea is considered, she added.

“[We want everyone to] feel like their suggestions were taken seriously and [they were] given space in the magazine.” Elliott said “We want to include as many people as we can with as diverse ideas as possible.”