Singer Eric Nam pops with new English album


Photo courtesy of Stone Music Entertainment

Raina Sayson, Staff Writer

Until the release of his second album, There and Back Again, I had only known the Korean American singer-songwriter Eric Nam as a TV entertainer, and didn’t listen to much of his music. Released on Jan. 7, There and Back Again proves to be a solid pop album, but it does not differ much from other recent pop albums.

Nam is not known as an artist who experiments with his sound, which is why I’m not surprised with the album’s “generic” sound. None of the songs are terrible, per say, but the vast majority are nothing out of the ordinary. But, even then, all of the songs are easy to listen to with lyrics which young adults can relate to. The songs “Lost On Me” and “What If,” both focus on yearning for a loved one. “What If” sounds very similar to many pop songs played on the radio, but the song grew on me the more I listened, getting better and better each time.

The album’s title track, “I Don’t Know You Anymore” has proven to be a hit single, especially with the Asian American community on TikTok. “I Don’t Know You Anymore” focuses on the emotions one feels when falling out with a lover. Though the lyrics sound aggressive and sad, the easy beat makes it a pleasant song to listen to. Though it doesn’t differ much from the other songs in the album, it’s a great choice for the lead single because of its catchy hook and memorable tune.

“Wildfire” is easily my top pick of the  seven songs on There and Back Again. It’s the most unique song on the album, alternating between a soft sound to a more fast-paced, upbeat song. During the chorus, the melody disappears, leaving only Nam’s vocals along with a beautiful harmony and synth backtrack. Nam sings higher every chorus, transitioning into an EDM-like bridge with his stunning head voice. “Wildfire” is definitely the hidden gem of the album, and it would be great to see Nam experimenting on more of his music with a similar sound.

There and Back Again is a generic pop album, which suits Nam’s style very well. It highlights his sweet and mellow vocals, showing off his high notes and impressive head voice when needed. As a person who enjoys being on a rollercoaster ride while listening to albums, this album was not my favorite. However, if you are a fan of steady, pleasant pop music, There and Back Again can easily be a favorite.