Fashion focused students define styles on social media

Sofia Cole, staff writer

Social media gives students the ability to see a variety of styles, whether that is formal, basic, or street wear.  Any style imaginable, there is content for it- all accessible at a few clicks of a button.

Senior Lily Davis believes that social media helps people build on several styles to create their own unique blend. Davis said her style is constantly evolving, and online shopping through social media offers her a wide variety of designers.

“I feel [that] social media makes fashion more accessible to all because it’s the best way to share your ideas and your individual style,” Davis said.

Davis defaults to TikTok for fashion inspiration because she likes seeing the stylistic diversity among different individuals. She also enjoys posting videos in outfits she likes, as she finds it fun to showcase her unique attire to her friends and followers.

“I like posting because it’s a fun way to express creativity,” Davis said. “I like that I can do it for myself and [I do] not care who sees it or how many people [see it].”

Freshman Archana Stoeterau agreed that TikTok has the biggest influence on teenagers’ fashion. She thinks that the speed that trends spread on TikTok is an effective way for new fashion trends to reach everyone.

“I think TikTok is a good place to look for style inspiration because it feels more attainable,” Stoeterau said. “The people posting seem like real people; [they seem] like me or you.”

Stoeterau acknowledges that other apps like Instagram have an algorithm that allows for each user to easily see posts that are tailored to them. She enjoys posting on the platform because she feels that it’s rewarding to share her style with others.

“I would say Instagram affects my style the most because people have a more curated style they personally like and their feed is [the most] consistent,” Stoeterau said.

Senior Madison Jenkins believes that fashion has transformed social media into what it’s supposed to be: a place for anyone to embrace whatever style they want. Jenkins said the widespread nature of social media has allowed trends from across the world to be appropriately incorporated into everyone’s unique styles.

“Trends [come] from everywhere: across the country, even across the world,” Jenkins said. “People have incorporated different cultures into new trends which I think is super cool.”