Metal Arts provides a unique, project-based classroom experience

Sitting in big groups at tables, the sounds of students talking while creating fills the room of Metal Arts, a new class offered at South this year. Students that love to work with their hands will use a variety of mediums, such as plaster, cardboard, wire, and much more.

Sophomore Dakota Betts says that she loves the class because of the creativity and being able to try new materials.

“Now we are doing things with plaster, cardboard, wire, and tons of different mediums,” Betts said. “One of the more valuable aspects is that you get to try different things. We’ve done a wire reed sculpture, we got to spray paint the sculptures, it’s really fun.”

Amie Elliott, Metal Arts teacher, said the curriculum of this class is project based.

“We will be making small pieces, large pieces, single pieces, and group pieces,” Elliot said. “The class is still a metals component.”  

Elliott mentioned what type of student she thinks this class will attract. From her observations, she says there are a variety of different characteristics that have helped out students in this class before.

“I think people who like to do things with there hands, and are interested in craftsmanship and working carefully [would like Metal Arts],” Elliott said. “Sometimes I think people don’t know what to expect, I would say keep an eye out for what’s going to be put out in the hallway and see if anything appeals to you [from Metal Arts].”

Betts raved about her favorite aspects in this class. She said her favorite things about this course are all the fun things that come along with it.

“I really like that what you can do is very creative,” Betts said. “Nobody’s projects look the same. I like to express myself in lots of different ways so I think that the differences between the projects are really cool, one of the more valuable aspects is that you get to try different things.”

Elliott hinted that there will be new materials in the future. Elliott also was able to say a bit about the future of the class.

“I’d love to be able to have more materials to have a 3D AP course similar to the 2D [courses such as], art, drawing and photography,” Elliott said. “We are using paper, wood, poster, wire and also styrofoam cups. Making small pieces, large pieces, single pieces, and group pieces.”

Projects are the main focus in this class, as it’s what takes up most of the students’ time, according to Elliott. Elliott says that the projects include using materials creatively, such as the final project of the course.

“[The final project] is a large-scale sculpture of cups hanging from the ceiling of the pit,” Elliott said.

Betts continued to speak very highly of the class.

“What’s also nice [about the class] is that there’s a big social aspect to it because the tables are big and you can just talk while you’re doing your projects and you can also enjoy the class if your not really a social person,” Betts said.