Hip hop coffee house brings South dancers together

Dana Sim, staff reporter

The performers are right up front on a small stage dancing their hearts out. The audience is close enough to see the very sweat fall from the dancers’ faces. The room is filled with talent.

The annual event Hip Hop Coffee House was held April 12. It is a show created and performed by students in the Lyceum, according to Annette Maloney, co-director of the event.

“[The show was] to debut their talents,” Maloney said. “It’s not just hip hop. It’s any talent.”

According to Maloney, anyone can participate through stress-free auditions.

“It’s a great way to make new friends and to form a group if you’re into showcasing any talents that you may have [… ], and it’s open to everyone,” Maloney said.

Although a variety of students performed, sticking closely to the notion of hip-hop was dance team De La Cru. According to senior Melanie McNulty, captain of De La Cru, the atmosphere at Hip Hop Coffee House April 12 was “intimate”, as the performers are right up next to the audience.

De La Cru club is separate from the performing De La Cru, but both performed in Hip Hop Coffee House. The groups worked hard in preparation for this event even with challenges, according to coach Trisha Moulakelis.

We don’t really choreograph new routines,” Moulakelis said. “We use bits and pieces from other [events], and the reason for that is because it’s very hard to get everybody together at this time of year.”

Other dance groups that performed in Hip Hop Coffee House include Latino Heat, Los 4 Fantasticos, Shake it Out, Thrift Shopping and KPD, according to Maloney.

“It includes everything from hip hop to juggling to comedy,” Maloney said. “We’ve even had some people play acoustic. It’s very fun.”

Hip Hop Coffee House has been going on for six years now, according to Dr. Jim Shellard, assistant principal in charge of student activities. According to Maloney, the event continues to grow in both numbers and popularity.

“I’ve seen a huge growth with the amount of acts entered,” Maloney said. “I think we’ve had a 50 percent growth in acts.”

Sophomore Kara Sherman, who performed in three separate acts, said that she thoroughly enjoyed the experience because of her love of performing in front of an audience. Sherman first heard about the event through an announcement last year. She plans to participate in the event for the next two years.