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Veggie Club strives to show students benefits of going green

Maggie Engels, staff reporter

November 9, 2012

This year, several students have come together in order to spread the word about vegetarianism and improve the vegetarian environment at South by creating Veggie Club. Junior Zack Bauer, Veggie Club member, feels that although...

Custodian reflects on conflict in Syria, opportunity in America

Grace Abiera, Staff Reporter

November 9, 2012

Many students in America forget what it really means to say, “God bless America,” and take the treasures of freedom, especially regarding religion, for granted. Custodian Sahar Barkho appreciates what America’s political...

South breast cancer survivors live to tell their tales

Madison O'Brien and Elisa Kim, asst. features editors

November 9, 2012

In April of 2006, at the age of 35, Rosie McManamon, Business Education teacher, was diagnosed with breast cancer. According to McManamon, it was hard for her to believe that she had breast cancer at first. “I didn’t...

Teens with divorced parents work to balance life and school

Caroline Berg, Staff Reporter

November 9, 2012

Balancing homework and activities is a struggle for many. What complicates matters more for some South students, however, is having to switch between houses throughout the week and being distracted in class due to their parents’...

Daughters support mothers with breast cancer

Shea Anthony and Madison O'Brien, Kelsey Pogue, asst. features editors, asst. web editor

November 9, 2012

While scientists and doctors have cured many diseases, cancer remains extremely elusive. According to senior Brittany Balzano, Cure Club president, one in four men and one in six women will be diagnosed with cancer this year,...

Students change residences, share experiences

Morgan O'Connor, staff writer

October 17, 2012

Everyone remembers their first day of school freshman year--the butterflies in your stomach as you struggled to find your first class before the bell rung. Maybe you remember getting lost, being late to all of your classes, or...

Get involved

Calli Haramaras, staff writer

October 5, 2012

There are many ways to get involved in political events, even under the voting age. Some of the ways to get involved in the upcoming presidential election are listed below. For more information, visit and Watch...

Inked teens permanently make their mark with tattoos

Madison O'Brien, asst. features

October 5, 2012

Pearl Angob, Junior   Last February, junior Pearl Angob had a tattoo inked on her back. According to Angob, she did not have parent consent and had the tattoo done by a friend’s brother who works at a tattoo p...

Bucket lists bring new opportunities to teenagers

Olivia Day, staff writer

October 5, 2012

Chris Neuhaus, Daniel Landgren, Cole Hamilton   Graduating high school to competing in a Lady Gaga singing tour- nament, juniors Chris Neuhaus, Daniel Landgren, and Cole Hamilton have mapped out what they want to...

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