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The news site of Glenbrook South High School.

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The news site of Glenbrook South High School.

The Oracle

APPLAUDABLE ART:   Displayed in the SAC during the week of April 23, AP Art students presented their concentration portfolios, a collection of 12 pieces centered around a single theme. Shown above are works from seniors (clockwise from the image in the bottom left) Sam Parsons, Eddie Loughran, Rachel Meyer, Meghan Zeivel, Lindsay Lathrop, Amanda Sideris and Jacquelyn Carter. Photos courtesy of Stephanie Fuja

AP Art Show exhibits student work, displays personal stories

Caylie Jeruchimowitz, staff reporter
May 25, 2018

As students entered the SAC to witness the AP art show during the week of April 23, they were met by the collage of colors and patterns displayed by the artwork. According to art teacher Stephanie Fuja,...

AP Arts Anticipation:  Featured is one of senior Hana Mohammed Raffee’s works of art that will be displayed in the AP Art show. The piece is titled “Identified. This is one of many creations that will be shown in the AP Art show,  running the week of April 24 in the Student Activity Center.

AP Art show celebrates senior AP art students

Emma Morris, Staff Reporter
April 21, 2017

For an entire year, AP Art students have planned, sketched, drawn, painted, sculpted and perfected, waiting for the week of the AP Art show. This show will be running the week of April 24 in the Student...

AP Art Show showcases students’ talents

Jennifer Rathod, staff writer
May 17, 2016

People walked in to see beautiful paintings, sculptures and drawings that surrounded them. Each of the pieces told their own story. On the week of April 25, AP art students presented their work in the...

Titled Masked by a Bully, senior Grace OMalley expresses herself through paintings. This particular painting is part of a series called a concentration. Masked by a Bully along with others will be on display at the AP art show.

Photo courtesy of Grace OMalley

O’Malley’s high school years shaped by artistic passion

Julia Bellair, staff reporter
February 3, 2016

A piece of finished art may be looked at in wonder of how it came to seem so real. Each stroke on the canvas or shadow on the paper having been placed with precise intent by the artist. In the AP Art Show...

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