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Tommy Marquardt

Tommy Marquardt, sports editor

Hi everyone! I’m Tommy Marquardt, the sports editor for the Oracle this year. I’m a senior, and the last two years I’ve spent in the web section and in sports. I’m also in radio as a sports director and host a weekly sports show. Thanks for reading the sports section!

All content by Tommy Marquardt
Moments that matter: Recording his sports talk show, Marquardt sits in South’s radio studio  hours after school. For Marquardt, South’s radio program has been an outlet for him to enjoy all that the school had to offer for him as a student. Photo courtesy of Tommy Marquardt

A senior’s guide to surviving senior year

Tommy Marquardt, sports editor
May 21, 2021

Dear juniors, sophomores and freshmen, The Class of 2021 has been forced into many regrets that were not our fault. Covid-19 pushed back our sports seasons, canceled our field trips and completely destabilized...

Stand-out Swimmers: Posing with the state championship trophy in the GBS pool, the boys’ swim team completed the tradition of a celebratory dive with the state trophy on April 9. The team was celebrated for their first state championship in program history earlier in the night during South’s home football game against Maine South.

Boys’ swim wins state title

Tommy Marquardt, sports editor
April 23, 2021

Senior swimmers Max Iida and Sami Moussally are enjoying their time at the top. The duo finished first and second in the Central Suburban League South conference meet and helped South boys’ swim to their...

Sophomore sensations

Tommy Marquardt and Emily Pavlik
March 19, 2021

In two years playing basketball at South, sophomore guard Rodell Davis, Jr., or RJ, boasts a career win percentage of 91.7 percent. To emphasize: Davis has played 48 games between his time on the sophomore...

Starring in their respective sports, senior twins Ashley Carr, girls’ volleyball player, and Addie Carr, girls’ hockey player, have both accepted offers to continue their careers at the next level, with Ashley at the University of Miami and Addie at Rochester Institute of Technology. Despite their geographical differences in college, they will remain vital parts of each other’s support systems.

Twincredible: Carr sisters excel in respective sports

Tommy Marquardt, sports editor
February 12, 2021

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Cole and Dylan Sprouse. Markieff and Marcus Morris. And soon, Addie and Ashley Carr. With collegiate careers on the horizon for both South senior athletes, the Carr sisters...

Basketball bounces back into shape

Tommy Marquardt and Malyka Abbas
February 12, 2021

On Feb. 3, South boys’ basketball took down Hersey in a 69-49 opening night victory in the Titan Dome. The opening of the 2021 Illinois high school basketball season at GBS came a full 361 days after...

Illustration by Makayla McNamara

An unseen disease, toxic masculinity plagues south

Chloe Arciero, Dani Carr, and Tommy Marquardt
November 20, 2020

It can be heard as a hush settles over the audience and the enchanting first notes of the choir float over an awed crowd, five baritones struggling to be heard over 20 sopranos. It is even more obvious...

Your guide to Election Day and the days after

Your guide to Election Day and the days after

Tommy Marquardt, sports editor
November 3, 2020

Here we are America: Election Day. After tonight, and the preceding, hellish 18 months, it’ll finally be over.  Well, not quite.  You see, because of a fun little thing called the coronavirus,...

Melancholy Michael: Standing alone on the football field at John Davis Stadium, Varsity Quarterback Michael Bauer contemplates the arrival of his season. Because of IHSA regulations as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the South football season will begin in February of this school year instead of August like normal

Fall athletes cope with season postponements

Tommy Marquardt and Skylar Kreske
October 3, 2020

The smell of fall is in the air. Flannels are out, pumpkin spice lattes are being sold and the lights are on at John Davis Stadium. In the past, that would mean it’s football season. However, because...

Play on, but speak out

The following column expresses the views of the sports editors of The Oracle. It does not necessarily represent the opinion of anyone else on the editorial board or staff. Ever since George Floyd’s...

Raelyn Roberson on the collegiate TRACK

Tommy Marquardt, co-sports editor
March 21, 2020

It was a normal meet day for track star Raelyn Roberson. She warmed up with her fellow long jumpers, made sure to stay hydrated and listened to the same playlist that she does before every meet (usually...

Shapiro’s rehab to end in time for baseball season and collegiate career

Tommy Marquardt and Jonas Evans
February 14, 2020

Playing two sports always comes with the risk that a player could get injured and jeopardize their season in their other sport. Senior basketball and baseball player Joe Shapiro saw those fears come to...



Tommy Marquardt, co-sports editor
February 14, 2020

“Winner.” That’s the first word Phil Ralston, South basketball head coach, used to describe his star senior forward Dom Martinelli. After all, people tend to avoid doing things they hate the best...

Illustration by Theone Purev

“Okay, Boomer” becomes rallying cry of youth

Tommy Marquardt, asst. sports editor
December 20, 2019

Do me a favor real quick. Take out your phone, open up whatever music app you use, and listen to The Who’s 1965 hit “My Generation.” You’ll hear a raucous anthem penned by guitarist Pete Townshend...

Oracle After Hours: The 2020s will be the decade of graduating from college and starting a family. So live while you’re young.

Tommy Marquardt, asst. sports editor
December 12, 2019

Last weekend, I was doing nothing. In fact, this has turned into an all too familiar of activity for me. I can’t quite explain why I like doing nothing so much. Maybe it’s a subconscious way to ignore...

Kanye’s God-centered music disappoints

Tommy Marquardt, asst. sports editor
November 15, 2019

Kanye West has been, still is, and always will be one of pop culture’s most polarizing figures. Some say he’s a genius, others call him a buffoon. At 42 years old, society is still struggling to make...

Concerning Kick off: Losing 15-41 against Barrington High School, the Titans initial record became 0-3. However, after a delayed game due to rain, South had their first win against New Trier with a score of 16-7 on September 28 after scoring twice during the last 8 minutes in the fourth quarter.

Football tries to rebound after rocky start to season

Tommy Marquardt, asst. sports editor
October 4, 2019

Losing four straight games is not an ideal start to a season for a team testing out a new offense, but, according to Head Coach David Schoenwetter, this year’s varsity football team still has their eyes...

Del Rey paints American Dream in latest album

Tommy Marquardt, asst. sports editor
October 4, 2019

The best songwriters possess the rare ability to say more in a four-minute song than most can say in their entire lives. These select few can articulate the musings of an entire generation in a way that...

Girls volleyball uses strong start to boost state tournament hopes

Twelve girls on the court, facing their opponents with a shared look of determination on their faces, all with one goal in mind: victory. With a shot at state constantly at stake throughout the season,...

Source: Paste Magazine

Bob Dylan’s musical impact still relevant today

Tommy Marquardt, web editor
May 24, 2019

If you asked the average high schooler how they relate to Bob Dylan, you’d probably get a blank stare. After all, he just turned 78 years old, is the only musician to win a Nobel Prize and is considered...


Billie Eilish appeals to Gen Z. with new album

Tommy Marquardt, web editor
April 22, 2019

For some time now, Gen Z has been looking for someone to be their so-called “voice of the generation”— someone to relate to the way that the baby boomers connected to Bob Dylan or how Gen X saw Kurt...

LEGO LEGENDS:   Returning to the big screen once again, Emmet and Wyldstyle are faced with their greatest challenge yet. The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part debuted on Feb. 8, five years after the original movie release. Source: Rotoscopers

“Everything is awesome” in The Lego Movie 2

Tommy Marquardt, asst. web editor
March 15, 2019

The Lego Movie burst onto the film scene in 2014 when it skyrocketed past the low expectations of moviegoers to become a critically acclaimed movie. The public tuned in again in 2017 to see The Lego Batman...

The GBS Connects logo. The event went under a serious of changes this year to increase student engagement.

Changes to GBS Connects look to liven up event

Tommy Marquardt and Augie Mikell
March 11, 2019

A new special interests category has been added to GBS Connects, the biennial career day at South, according to Dr. Lara Cummings, assistant principal for student services. This year’s event, which takes...

Collaborative   council:  Standing in front of members of South’s student council, (left to right) Kate Gregory, executive board president, and Executive Secretary Stephanie Ornduff lead a meeting in the SAO. This year, a series of six new changes to student council elections were approved and will be enforced this voting election. Photo by Quinn Toomey

Student Council implements new election policies

Tommy Marquardt and Anne Ribordy
February 8, 2019

Six new changes to the Student Council election process have been approved by the current Student Council and will take effect with the upcoming election in March. An additional seventh proposal was rejected,...

Classic rock connects the everyman with relatable themes

Tommy Marquardt, asst. web editor
February 8, 2019

The most important day in the history of modern American culture could be July 25, 1965, the day of the 1965 Newport Folk Festival. That day, Bob Dylan plugged in an electric guitar, betrayed folk music...

Overly political: the pervasion of politics in places where it doesn’t belong

Tommy Marquardt, asst. web editor
December 14, 2018

I hate talking politics. I hate that bringing this up is even necessary, but I feel like it needs to be said: the world is getting too political. The fact that political beliefs spawn legitimate hatred...

After finding a shooting threat on a desk GBN administration has instituted new security provisions for the time being.

GBN shooting threat prompts security changes at the school

Tommy Marquardt and Anne Ribordy
October 13, 2018

For the past ten days, GBN has been facing security concerns due to a school shooting threat found written on a desk. The threat, which read “Shooting 10 03,” was discovered on Oct. 3 and, in response,...

Scandal Storm :    NCAA players have faced trouble regarding eligibility, enrollmet, and the profesional draft. The NCAA’s new rule changes look to smooth out transitions and add flexibility to the decisions of student athletes.  Illustration by Margo Kazak

How scandal and corruption haunt the NCAA

Tommy Marquardt, assistant web editor
September 28, 2018

On Aug. 8, an article titled “Flexibility for going pro and getting a degree” was published on the NCAA’s official website detailing new standards for how college basketball will be run. Rules include...

GBS Students and Teachers Predict the Bears vs. Packers Week One Game

Tommy Marquardt, asst. web editor
September 9, 2018

Ethan Pecora: 24-21 Packers. "And no, I am not a Packers fan." Cam Mercer: 27-20 Bears. "The reason why I think the Bears are going to win is because Khalil Mack is a monster and will sack Aaron Rodgers...

HICKS LENDS A HAND:   Opening up his laptop, Daniel Hicks, social studies teacher, pulls up a presentation for junior Eva Papajohn about the singers Little Richard and Chuck Berry as a supplement for his lesson about 1950s pop culture. Hicks’s journey to become a teacher has been unorthodox, but he views his story as a source of hope for others.

Hicks emphasizes perseverance through life story

Tommy Marquardt and Julia Marriott
April 20, 2018

Whether it be living in foster care, the military or in a rural Southern town, the life of Daniel Hicks, social studies teacher, features many experiences foreign to most students at GBS. His life began...

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