GBS Students and Teachers Predict the Bears vs. Packers Week One Game

Tommy Marquardt, asst. web editor

Ethan Pecora: 24-21 Packers. “And no, I am not a Packers fan.”

Cam Mercer: 27-20 Bears. “The reason why I think the Bears are going to win is because Khalil Mack is a monster and will sack Aaron Rodgers three times.”

Vince Hackl: 28-24 Bears. “The Packers are going to lose because they lost Jordy Nelson.”

Justin Leszynski: 24-21 Bears. “Packers are going to score on their first drive, but the Bears defense is going to be shut down.”

Damien Braude: 42-24 Bears. “I’m hoping for new beginnings and something reminiscent of the ’85 Bears.”