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Backpack weights worsen medical issues, burden unnecessary

Lauren Lashley, staff reporter

May 26, 2017

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The halls of South are alive with students weaving their way to their next class or stopping to chat with their friends. On their backs rest backpacks of all colors: black, blue, purple, white, red, grey. While the colors may... Read more »

Living in the moment promotes positive mindset, prevents regret

Zach Cepeda, columnist

April 20, 2017

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“Man, I’ve always wanted to play a sport,” a South senior sighs as she walks away from the Winter Sports assembly. “I feel like that’d be a lot more fun than what I’m doing now.” A couple weeks ago, I heard this comment fro... Read more »

American Sign Language fair revealed the deaf’s struggle to be understood

Lorelei Streb, staff reported

December 23, 2016

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The American Sign Language class hosted an art fair in the Student Activity Center, Oct. 28, according to Sign Language Instructor, Rosemarie Carsello. Beside each painting in the fair were two students, either level 3 or 4 i... Read more »

South student develops clothing line ‘Nice as Heck’

Yassmin Khatib, staff reporter

July 20, 2016

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Christopher Daus is not a typical high school student; Daus not only manages to be a teenager in high school with homework and tests, but he also manages to have his own clothing line, ‘Nice as Heck.’ “Last year, [my ... Read more »

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