The Oracle’s 2018-2019 Editors-In-Chief advise the Class of 2020

Imra Tajuddin, former co-editor-in-chief

Hello Titans! It’s been a while. My name is Imra, and I was once an Editor-in-Chief for The Oracle a whole year ago. All of your successes this past year are starting to make me feel old.

As a South alum and a “Grandma Chief”, I wanted to give all the seniors some advice, particularly about some things I would have loved to hear in my senior year.

In these unusual times, this might not be the most realistic or life-changing advice, but try your best to enjoy the summer after senior year (make sure to start after AP exams). It’s the one and only time when you have no school-related responsibilities or obligations, and take advantage of it! During other summers in college, you may be working, conducting research, taking another class, or something else of your choosing. I wish I had used the time I had with my high school friends to the fullest and spent more time with them before we all went our separate ways.

Another piece of advice: there is a perception around college that you’re going through a new experience alone, and that everyone around you is as well. But you’re not alone! You may have been thrown into a new environment, but many of your high school friends will be having similar experiences wherever they are, and staying in contact with them can be one of the best ways to know you’re doing okay. My high school friends were a great source of comfort when I was just starting to get to know people in college, and they really encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and make new friends in college.

Leaving high school and starting a new experience, whatever that may be, is honestly terrifying. I felt so unsure of myself those first few weeks. But I promise that you will find your place and will only rise to success and to love where you are.

And for everyone going off to college, one thing they don’t tell you: bring a bathrobe. I promise, it will save your life.

I wish you all the best of luck in all of your future endeavors! You’ll all do great things, and I’m so lucky to have gone to a school that produces wonderful people such as yourselves.