When streaks and red hearts take over: a Snapchat reflection

Gabby Zabat, Columnist

“Don’t forget class, your homework is to….”

By this point my entire class has checked out, quickly zipping up their backpacks and obnoxiously checking the hundreds of notifications they received in the last 90 minutes.

“Don’t line up by the door! Wait for the bell to-“


There’s my cue. While the rest of the class is fighting to get through the door, I am lazily waiting while I check how many likes I got on my post of Bombo Bar. Their Nutella bomboloni gave me a new outlook on life. Honestly. Wow, only 17 of my friends liked it and no comments?! What great friends.

Nobody even retweeted my post about Harry Styles’ new single, “Sign of the Times”?! Do I even have friends anymore? Now don’t even get me started on Snapchat. My #3 best friend just left me on “read”. I’m done.

I understand that social media is supposed to “connect you to your friends” but this is honestly wrecking our friendships. If they can’t take one second to send a picture of the hall while I send selfies with a flower crown AND GBS logo, we have a huge problem. While Snapchat is a popular social media platform, there are definitely many downsides that should be noticed.

For example, Snapchat now has Quick Add which allows you to add any mutual friends. It might sound like an easier route rather than typing in an entire username, but isn’t it a little creepy to randomly make someone your friend? I mean, I don’t really want to add someone that I only see during my Gold four class and sits 10 feet away from me and never speaks. Like, are we friends in real life? I saw on your story that you ended a three year relationship… like… good…for…you….or sorry? I have no idea.

Then what happens when I see you in the hall, do I say ‘hi’? Basically our entire friendship is based on social media. I can’t tell you the amount of times relationships have started just because they have a 365 day streak, but then can’t say a word to each other in person.

“Oh my god you’re dating! How did he ask you?”


“Well, it’s about time! You have a 365 day streak and have had a super BFF pink heart next to your names for three months.”

Relationship goals. Then what happens once you lose that streak?

“I can’t believe you! We’re through.”

But that doesn’t just go for dating relationships, it mainly applies to friendships. When I accidently forgot to pick up my brother from school for three hours my mom took my phone away for the whole night. Sure my main priority should be apologizing to my little bro, but I’M GOING TO LOSE ALL OF THOSE STREAKS. Do you know how long we’ve been maintaining that?!

I am going to lose all of my friends. They’re going to hate me. I am so embarrassed, I need to find a new friend group.


Friendships should not rely on streaks or on who’s on your best friends list. Honestly, my current #1 best friend is someone I NEVER talk to. Sad, I know. Then my true best friends who I’ve known since preschool are just one of my recents, not even on my list. However, no matter what Snapchat says I know who I can actually rely on.

Just because I have a red heart and 40 day streak with a guy does not mean we’re dating. Just because you’re only someone’s #2 best friend does not make you any less than their #1. We, alone, should be able to decide who our friends are and not rely it on Snapchat.