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New Gorillaz’s Album

Nick Moran

senior editor

Humanz is the cumulative work of this century, if I may be so bold. Gorillaz packs such raw talent alone that with features from De La Soul, Danny Brown, Vince Staples and more, the passion the band has for highlighting the experiences we have as a human race is portrayed beautifully. “Andromeda” singing of heartbreak, “Let Me Out” commenting on generational conflict and “Hallelujah Money” criticising societal values all capture humanity’s current state in a foot-tapping, face-melting, history-making album.

Joe Donut: Pros & cons

Anne Marie Yurik

senior editor

It’s no surprise that I take breakfast foods extremely seriously. I have a favorite place for each type of food. And Joe Donut would have made that list if I didn’t have to take out a loan to buy nine donuts. Their donuts are really good, don’t get me wrong. They are the best Insta food in terms of aesthetic and taste. It’s just too bad that I had to use my parents retirement to afford it. But, if you you’re okay selling one kidney, head on down to good ol’ Joe Donut for some deliciously expensive food.

“Young and Menace”

Katie Cavender

senior editor

Fall Out Boy’s sound has changed many times throughout the years and I’ve always been supportive of their creative choices. Their newest single, however, “Young and Menace,” is a disappointment. Instead of Patrick’s  voice sticking out over the top making the song distinctly theirs, it’s distorted through heavy editing along with all of the instruments featured on the track. While I understand that they need to make style changes in order to keep their sound fresh, they could do it in a much more unique way that stays true to their roots.

Bill Nye ‘s Netflix Show

Sasha Vassilyeva

senior editor

Bill Nye the Science Guy is back and this time, this bowtie-loving educator is taking on the world’s misconceptions and solving disputes with the power of science. Each episode, Nye focuses on one topic ranging from sex/gender to global warming to space exploration. Our favorite childhood scientist is out to save the world, one 30 minute episode at a time. Check out Bill Nye Saves the World on Netflix and you won’t regret it ‘cause science rules!

‘Total BODY’ Gym CLass

Anushka Kalra

senior editor

This review is a shout out to Mrs. Meaghan Fastert who teaches my block two Total Body Conditioning class. Nothing is more humbling (yet inspiring) than watching an eight month pregnant woman lift more  weights and run faster than you. She motivated me, and through her class, I learned how to work out effectively and that my limits can be pushed farther than I ever thought they could be.  Thank you for everything Fastert and thank you TBC for kicking my butt in the best way.

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