Glenbrooks Begin Study On Grades

District 225 decided to run a study that restricts student and parent access to PowerSchool during school hours (approximately 7:30-3:30).

The study was initially proposed by Ryan Bretag, director of instructional innovation and technology, to promote mindfulness in school and increase interpersonal conversation about grades.

According to Bretag, the study will run from April 3-28 and consist of two diverse focus groups of 75-100 students from each school.

Leading up to the study, Bretag held meetings with teachers and students from the Glenbrooks where they discussed his proposal and its possible pros and cons.

In the first meeting, held on Feb. 3, Bretag met with GBS and GBN teachers to discuss what, if anything, would take place. They worked in groups and pairs to create a layout for their ideal solution. Following the meeting, Bretag combined all of their ideas to create the study.

This plan was then brought to Superintendent Dr. Mike Riggle and the district’s executive cabinet and was followed by meetings with GBS and GBN students to gather their opinions.

Plans were finalized this week. A survey that was sent to students gives the opportunity to volunteer to participate in the focus groups, which will be held during lunch blocks twice during the scheduled study period.

Following the study, Bretag will review the data from the student focus groups and conduct further research. The Oracle will continue to cover this study as it unfolds.