Memories made in fall play

Jame Sewell, staff writer

From British accents to new friendships, this year’s fall play, Peter and the Starcatcher, which ran from Oct. 26 to Oct. 29, created lasting memories, senior Peter Canalia, who played Smee, said. The fall play has long been a staple of South’s performing arts program, but with the changes this year has brought, it has been especially unique and impactful for all involved according to Canalia.

This year, the fall play has a new director, Substitute Teacher Adam Hardin. Despite his previous experience as a co-producer for a small theater company in New York City, Hardin had never undertaken a project of this magnitude. Hardin said he was greatly inspired by the actors’ focus.

“[My favorite part of directing the fall play is] watching the students act,” Hardin said. “They’re so good, and when they really put their back into it, I’m the happiest person alive. I really love my job of directing and getting to work with these guys, they surprise me every single day with their creativity.”

In addition to leadership changes, the format of the play was also different this year, as it had a more simplistic design, senior Kelly Kurland, who played Fighting Prawn, said. Instead of the complex scenery that is typical in South productions, the actors had to assemble themselves in the shape of their surroundings, including forming doors, props, and scenery with their bodies, Kurland described.

“[In the fall play], [we] only [had] a platform. Instead of having any significant buildings, the cast [was] the buildings.”

Acting in Peter and the Starcatcher allowed the actors to strengthen and further develop their relationships with their fellow actors, senior Ellie Donahue , who played Molly Aster, said. Acting in productions throughout the years has helped Donahue gain confidence and express herself.

“ [Acting has] given me the tools to embrace who I am as a person and be confident in myself,” Donahue said.