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In her recently released autobiography, I’m Glad my Mom Died, Jennette McCurdy, former ICarly and Sam and Cat actor, recounts her acting career, and the abusive forces that affected her during it. It is a fascinating read, impossible to put down, as it sheds an entirely new light on a TV show that was central to so many childhoods in the mid-2010s. One of the most impressive aspects of this book is McCurdy’s control over voice. The story starts when McCurdy is a child, and it travels with her to adulthood. Throughout the entire book, the narration matches the era of McCurdy’s life that you’re currently reading. For example, in a chapter where McCurdy is 11-years-old, it truly feels like her 11-year-old self is writing. This has the effect of placing the reader directly into McCurdy’s shoes and helping them relate to the struggles that she goes through. As the title suggests, though, this book travels to some pretty dark places in McCurdy’s life, so please read with caution, as the book explores eating disorders, parental abuse, mental illness, and drug/alcohol abuse. However, it also preaches the power of getting help, finding healthy relationships, and, above all, the possibility for things to get better. It’s a fantastic read, heart-felt and intense. If you’re looking for your next read, we cannot recommend it more!