Sunny’s humor takes a twist

John Adkisson, co-sports editor

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As It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia entered its sixth season, it had already proven to be one of television’s leaders in off-the-wall, crass, unacceptable humor.

And that was before the sixth season even began.

Sunny follows five friends who own a dive bar in South Philadelphia as they become wrapped up in the leisurely life of bartenders. Each episode, the gang becomes obsessed with some ridiculous scheme in making money, ranging from surrogacy to children’s pageants. Sanity is thrown aside, and viewers are taken on a wild ride.

Now in its sixth season, Sunny has come back wilder than ever. Littered with prostitution, drugs, alcohol and rum-soaked ham, Sunny takes funny to a new level, combining wild antics and out-of-left-field jokes. Viewers can expect to cringe at the potential horror in each episode – the beautiful, hilarious horror.

Of the many great things about season six, the thing that stands out the most, is Mac’s weight gain. Played by Rob McElhenney, one of the show’s creators, he purposely decided to put on 60 pounds for the show.

Throughout the season, Mac, a fitness fanatic, has to deal with being fat. While this may seem dumb, the sacrifice proves to be a cornerstone of excellence in this season of Sunny.

Each season, the length to which the Sunny crew has been willing to go for a laugh has gotten longer and longer. The bodily fluids and creepy children pageant jokes have risen exponentially since previous seasons.

However, while Sunny usually proves to be a laugh riot, it sometimes goes a little too far. With a TV-MA-LSV rating for language, sexual situations and violence, Sunny can frequently cross the line of what is acceptable. While the show is no stranger to risk-taking, the content composing season six is far-fetched; the line Sunny is riding is becoming less and less clear, giving way for complete failure.

So, is all the risk worth the reward? Is the constant risk of disgusting your viewers really worth the potential hilarity? It totally is. While the line for Sunny is smaller than ever, they still ride it perfectly.

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