Bass Fishing seeks state final tournament


The Bass Fishing Team poses at Bangs Lake during. Photo by Justin Zummo.

Molly Tomczyk, staff writer

 On Bangs Lake, in Wauconda, Illinois, South’s bass fishing team competed in a tournament against New Trier that prepared the teams for the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) Sectionals. Depending on their success, students will proceed to the IHSA State Final Tournament, Justin Zummo, Bass Fishing Coach, said.

The teams that place first, second, and third at sectionals, which is May 5,  will advance to the  two-day final tournament, Zummo said.  The IHSA State Final Tournament takes place May 19 to 20, said. South’s team has achieved advancement three times since 2016, Zummo said. Zummo hopes South will return from sectionals with another victory.

“It would be amazing to win sectionals again,” Zummo said. “And to get another trip down to state. We have been to [the IHSA State Final Tournament] three years in a row, [and] we want to keep that ball rolling.”

Bass Fishing team members are enthusiastic about the team, and about fishing,  – Zummo said. 

“[Students form] connections with each other and even [students from] other schools because [they share the same] passion,” Zummo said.

Students fish for about eight hours during competitions, senior Alex House, Bass Fishing Captain said. This can pose a challenge as it can be a draining experience if the fish are not biting.

“If you are not putting fish in the boat consistently [the process can drag],” House said. “You just [have] to keep being positive.”

In order to fish well, it is important to play to the environment, sophomore Filip Galbas, Bass Fishing member, said. This includes understanding the color of the water, the plant life, and depth of surroundings. Through bass fishing, Galbas has learned new skills including the Texas Rig: which helps keep the lure on the hook. 

However, people of all skill levels can enjoy their time and improve their fishing skills in the club, Galbas said.

“The point is [to] just have fun,” Galbas said. “If [someone does not] know how to fish [they can learn]. If [they] already know [how] you can get better.”

Although tournaments can produce stress, House enjoys competing after Covid-19 affected the previous season. Tournaments are an opportunity to create a competition out of passion, House said. 

“I love fishing,” House said. “Being able to turn it into a sporting [event]really makes me happy.”