Q&A with freshman Samuel Jaffe, Johns Hopkins world’s brightest student award recipient

Alexandra Sharp, co-features editor

Q: What was it like being home schooled?

Jaffe: It’s quite different from regular school; it’s a lot more open-ended. […] There’s no schedules or anything. You just learn at your own pace. [The transition into public high school] was definitely very different, but I wouldn’t say it was hard. […] It was just a different experience. [Being homeschooled is] pretty unusual; I’ve gotten used to it.


Q: So how are you liking high school so far?

Jaffe: I definitely like GBS a lot. It’s such an amazing school with so many activities and resources and everything. [I am a part of juggling club]. I’m in V-Show. […] I’m in a few clubs; I’ve been to chess club a few times. I don’t go a lot but it’s fun. And [I go to] engineering club and just now, I’ve started going to Rubik’s Cube club.
Q: What’s the coolest juggling trick you know how to do?

Jaffe: Right now I’m getting really close to [juggling] four balls. […] There’s a lot of other things that I can do with three [balls] like under the arm and over the top.


Q: What classes are you taking?

Jaffe: For electives I am taking digital graphic design, which is a photoshop and illustrator class. I definitely want to get into computer science [in the future]. I’m thinking either something along the lines of animation or game design.