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The news site of Glenbrook South High School.

The Oracle

The news site of Glenbrook South High School.

The Oracle

To All the Languages I’ve Loved Before: Learning Language through TV

To All the Languages I’ve Loved Before: Learning Language through TV

Rahm Sheinfeld, columnist
March 18, 2024

Just over a year into the Covid-19 pandemic, I found my 13-year-old self confined to my bedroom, yearning for something to break up the monotony of his quarantine. As I aimlessly scrolled through Netflix,...

Trashy TV: My favorite train wreck

Betsy Jarosick, Staff Writer
December 16, 2022

The CW’s Riverdale is an objectively terrible show. A teen drama based on mid-century Archie comics, the show seeks to be both referential and relevant (though it rarely succeeds). The acting is bad,...

ATV students premiere All Right film

ATV students premiere “All Right” film

Lynn Lee, staff writer
December 1, 2022

The 25-minute film, All Right, produced by ten South alumni and six seniors from the Advanced Television and Film (ATV) class, premiered on Nov. 26 for free admission at Pickwick Theater in Park Ridge,...

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Alumni release second feature film, “Bigfoot Famous”

Betsy Jarosick, Staff Writer
January 7, 2022

For Peter Vass and Sam Milman of South’s classes of 2005 and 2006 (respectively), a career in film started with making parodies of Backstreet Boys music videos, the Chicago Bulls, and former South teacher...

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South alumna Katie Itaya leaves mark through film

Shosh Green, staff writer
March 19, 2021

Creativity, ingenuity and desire for film. These are a few aspects that distinguish South alumni Katie Itaya from other film students around the country, according to Julie Benca, Television and Film supervisor. Itaya’s...

Fan favorites removal from Netflix creates opportunity

Julia Marriott, asst. a&e editor
February 12, 2021

Happy New Year from Netflix! A month into 2021 and the streaming service removed many fan-favorite TV shows, including Gossip Girl, The Office and hundreds of others due to their licenses expiring, leaving...

Video festival builds skills and friendships

Video festival builds skills and friendships

Carolina Rodriguez, staff reporter
May 24, 2019

With adrenaline flowing through their veins and excitement in the air, the eager TV and film students of South flood the buses as they head to Naperville for the Midwest Media Educators Association (MMEA)...

Illustration by Maeve Plunkett

Balancing TV series, deadlines proves effective, efficient

Savera Zulfiqar, columnist
March 17, 2017

Some might say it is impossible to have it all- to have all of your homework done, manage to be on track for the episodes of all of your TV shows and still manage to get a decent amount of sleep. But by...

GBS TV students discuss passion for film

Ava Mazzei, staff reporter
February 23, 2017

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of Glenbrook South Television or what really happens behind the Friday morning announcements, the fall sports clips, and the famous lip dubs? Members...

Horwitz’s recognized films foreshadow career

Aaakash Bhojwani, asst. a&e editor
December 16, 2016

Whenever Joey third wheels with his friend Tyler and Tyler’s girlfriend Lauren, he notices that Lauren always leaves at 3:45. Finding this fishy, Joey investigates and realizes that Lauren is part of...

New touch screen TVs promote traditions, involvement

New touch screen TVs promote traditions, involvement

Corinne Shaw, staff reporter
September 30, 2016

Touch screen TVs that display many aspects of GBS history were installed outside the auditorium and dome before the 2016-2017 school year. According to Dr. Jim Shellard, director of student activities,...

Leading   the   Lip   Dub:   Intently filming the 2016 lip dub, Jim Shellard, Student Activities director, and seniors Josh Noll, and George Gould use a golf cart to ensure the steadiness of the footage. The lip dub crew simulated the route every day for three weeks prior to the actual filming of the lib dub in order to guarantee minimal mistakes.

Advanced TV captures school spirit

Aakash Bhojwani, asst. a&e editor
September 30, 2016

Teamwork, creativity, perseverance, dedication and flexibility. According to Julie Benca, broadcasting teacher and director of television and film, these skills were all essential for the lip dub crew...

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