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The news site of Glenbrook South High School.

The Oracle

The news site of Glenbrook South High School.

The Oracle

Array of Art: Wilson’s VisAbility Exhibition portrayed vibrant colors, splattered across canvases in various designs. The artist’s reception attendees sauntered through the Glenview Public Library taking in the collection.

Abstract art, concrete impact

Molly Tomczyk, co-a&e editor
May 23, 2024

Jazz music rippled through the crowded lobby of the Glenview Public Library on a Thursday evening; colorful paintings adorned the walls, creating a gallery of senior Emmett Kyoshi Wilson’s acrylic-painted...

Art Gallery Exhibition at Waukegan Public Library

Art Gallery Exhibition at Waukegan Public Library

Chris Kirkos, Kyla Wilkinson, Staff Writers
May 16, 2024

Some people may think an English Teacher already has enough on their plate, grading essays or reading books, to even consider spending time working as an artist, but that is not the case for English Teacher...

Art Forms Connections: Senior Cece Biank’s mixed media piece about her mother, who is a psychologist, features a mixture of photography and painting to represent disconnection in her artwork.

AP Art Show dives deep into themes

Mae Kuchimanchi and Audrey Reid
April 25, 2024

Advanced Placement (AP) Art students have worked tirelessly throughout the year on 15-piece portfolios which were showcased at the AP Art Show on April 22. Within the portfolio, students develop a Sustained...

Artistic escape to full-time career

Artistic escape to full-time career

Sofia Cole and Maya Scahill
April 25, 2024

When senior Nicholas DeRosa was seven years old, he stumbled upon a drawer with unfamiliar objects at his grandparents house. As he looked at the needles, thread, and buttons in the drawer, his curiosity...

Outstanding Artworks: Promoting a positive mindset, one of Meraki clubs murals found in English teacher Katie Hoovers classroom includes bright colors and entrancing illustrations.

Creativity flourishes within Meraki

Sofia Cole and Alexandra Zachary
November 12, 2021

As the school empties for the evening, juniors Sydney Kim and Jamie Hong, co-presidents of their newly founded club Meraki, gather members to transform perfectly average classrooms into something magical....

Conveying the idea of compassion,  NAHS member Marharyta Kazak stitches four quadrants together. Each quadrant of the painting represents a notion of compassion: hope (top), community (bottom), empathy (right) and recognition (left).

NAHS artists receive recognition for creativity

Julia Marriott and Hailey Cho
February 12, 2021

Unlike winning trophies, National Art Honor Society (NAHS) students are honored in a different way: the chance to display their work in recognized art galleries. For the first time in South’s history,...

Photo by Naomi Skiles

NAHS students spread compassion through art gallery

Clare Lanscioni and Sophie Pederson
December 18, 2020

The National Art Honor Society (NAHS) art gallery, with over 50 pieces crafted by students, lacks the fascinated viewers who frequented it last year. The only people left to see the artwork in person are...

Seniors part of the Senior Summit design committee work together to hang up the artwork in the gallery. 
According to senior Colin McCarthy (middle), their goal was to create a united collage from all art submissions.

Senior project brings unity to class of 2020

Ellie Ruos, co-features editor
December 20, 2019

“Kindness.” “Justice.” “Freedom.” “Fun.” These are just a few of the abstract nouns the senior class used to capture their core values during a moment of reflection. “A View of the Summit”...

South alum Sarah Kim creates  portraits during her classes at Parsons University, where she is currently a freshman majoring in Communication Design

South alums continue to pursue art, expand artistic horizons

Yoon Kim, co a&e editor
February 7, 2019

Whether it was during a play, musical, or Comedy Sportz show, South alum Jordan Zelvin could always be found under the spotlight on the auditorium stage at South. Two and a half years and 368 miles later,...

SIGNING   THROUGH   THE   SILENCE:   Bending their heads over their work (left), juniors Jordan Dahiya and Sarah Lothian attempt to convey some of the challenges of being deaf. Holding her hands in front of her (right), junior Kasia Dyrda explains her painting using sign language. The American Sign Language Art Gallery was held in the SAC on Thursday, Nov. 8.

ASL Art Gallery emphasizes kindness to all

Yoon Kim, co-a&e editor
December 14, 2018

In a room of astounding silence, junior Adair McMahon paints a blank canvas with strokes of both paint and empathy. Every mark she makes is a tribute to the Deaf community, as she attempts to convey the...

Scenery change inspires artistic ability for Kurtaran

Sita Kharel and Nicole Korp, Staff reporters
November 12, 2018

Senior Sevval Kurtaran glides her brush across the pristine canvas. Her eyes sparkle as she focuses on painting the woven patterns of Islamic architecture, the background of her self-portrait. Kurtaran...

APPLAUDABLE ART:   Displayed in the SAC during the week of April 23, AP Art students presented their concentration portfolios, a collection of 12 pieces centered around a single theme. Shown above are works from seniors (clockwise from the image in the bottom left) Sam Parsons, Eddie Loughran, Rachel Meyer, Meghan Zeivel, Lindsay Lathrop, Amanda Sideris and Jacquelyn Carter. Photos courtesy of Stephanie Fuja

AP Art Show exhibits student work, displays personal stories

Caylie Jeruchimowitz, staff reporter
May 25, 2018

As students entered the SAC to witness the AP art show during the week of April 23, they were met by the collage of colors and patterns displayed by the artwork. According to art teacher Stephanie Fuja,...

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