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The news site of Glenbrook South High School.

The Oracle

The news site of Glenbrook South High School.

The Oracle

Abby McKew

All content by Abby Mckew
Adapting actors: South actors, Hannah Han Schuberth and Roey Danino (from left to right) persevere through Covid-19 regulations.

The monsters are due on 4000 W Lake Ave

Abby McKew, Staff Writer
May 13, 2021

The show must go on - even if it means having to adapt to the challenges of the pandemic.  This year’s spring play, performed on May 7 in the courtyard, was an episode of The Twilight Zone, The Monsters...

Tenacious Titan: Completing her rehab exercises at the Ability Institute of RIC, Kristin Meyer, program director and conductor of the Glenbrook Symphony Orchestra, perseveres despite severe injuries after the plane crash. Photo courtesy of Kristin Meyer.

Meyer’s passion for teaching perseveres in the face of adversity

Sloane Shabelman, Abby McKew, and Shannon Mathew
February 12, 2021

The sun was low in the sky on that Sunday afternoon six years ago in Monee, Illinois. Suddenly, the plane hit the power lines, the aircraft shuddered, the field of weeds below rushed up and Kristin Meyer...

Illustration by Renee Choe

Media bias pushes country further apart in politically divided era

Shannon Mathew and Abby McKew
February 12, 2021

Words can be powerful. Especially when they can reach millions of people in minutes. Large news entities’ access to mass audiences gives them the ability to impact the opinions and actions of many....

Illustration by Aubrey Palaganas

Hands on classes use creativity to surpass virtual boundaries

Abby McKew and Madeline Hussey
October 2, 2020

Many people are feeling anxious and struggling in this new e-learning environment. But for some people in traditional, hands-on classes, the struggle is even greater.   Junior Coco del Muro, Introduction...

South students learn valuable lessons through family businesses

Abby McKew, staff writer
March 16, 2020

From beauty salons to supplying welding supplies, South’s families own all kinds of local businesses. While many students may look for jobs at the local supermarket or park district, some are given the...

Mentoring Mark: Chatting in the hallway, spanish teacher Mark Bauman and junior Sam Isaac meet for their mentoring session. Photo

“Puentes” program bridges parts of Latinx students’ identities, motivates students

Abby McKew, staff writer
February 14, 2020

Many students at South that need support get it from their school guidance counselor or social worker. The Puentes Mentor Program also supports students, but specifically Latinx students. South students...

Gender disparities prevalent in GBS electives

Hailey Cho and Abby McKew
December 20, 2019

As hundreds of classes are taught at South, diversity is present in many classrooms through ethnicity, belief or gender. However, there are certain electives at South with imbalances between students who...

Kozeluh brings years of experience to District 225

Abby McKew, staff writer
November 15, 2019

While some students, after graduating high school, find it hard to figure out what field to work in, Cindie Kozeluh, knew she wanted to work as a secretary at a young age. She found a job at a place close...

Weight of finals vary among classes, helps student wellness

For the 2018-2019 second-semester finals, individual course teams in each subject area will decide if final exams will count anywhere between 10 percent to 20 percent, according to Principal Dr. Lauren...

Diving for a hit, freshman Ilan Shelest reaches out to get the ball over the net. The Titans lost 4 - 3 to the Giants.

Boys’ tennis looks to improve skills with young team

Liz Clary and Abby Mckew
April 22, 2019

the youngest it has been in years, with five returning sophomores and three freshmen, says Head Coach Larry Faulkner. Despite having a young team, they see a promising season in their future. “Varsity...

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