Mizdrak hired as Assistant Athletic Trainer


Molly Tomczyk and Zoha Suteria

Timothy Mizdrak was hired as an Assistant Athletic Trainer last month, bringing his experience and passion to South’s sports program, Tom Mietus, Assistant Principal for Athletics, said.

Athletic training consists of diagnosing, caring for, and rehabilitating athletes’ injuries. The sports medicine club at Mizdrak’s alma mater, Maine South, sparked his passion for athletic training due to its combination of healthcare and athletics, he said.

“It’s the best of both worlds,” Mizdrak said. “I like the medical side as well as the sports side. [I also enjoy] helping people [and] seeing [an athlete] come back to the field after being out it is always a great feeling.”

In the past, Mizdrak worked at Oak Park River Forest High School for four years and later became the Head Athletic Trainer at Notre Dame College Prep. He ultimately decided to join South’s athletics for its welcoming community and staff, Mizdrak said. 

When looking for an individual who best fit the position for an athletic trainer, Anthony Catsaros, Head Athletic Trainer, looked for someone who suited the fast paced, but inclusive and efficient environment of South’s athletics. Catsaros contributed to Mizrak’s hiring by collecting and reviewing application materials. Additionally, he conducted interviews for Mizdrak and other applicants, Catsaros said.

“We want to find a personality that would fit with [the team] because we spend a lot of time together,” Catsaros said. “But [we’re also looking for someone] who’s going to fit into the [inclusive] culture of [South]. ” 

During the hiring process, Mizdrak’s personality was well translated through his interview, Mietus said. Additionally, Mizdrak’s references gave glowing reviews on his performance and work, which provided a positive perspective on the candidate, Mietus said.

“[Past coaches at Notre Dame College Prep] all said the same thing: they would hate to lose him,” Mietus said. “To me, there’s [no] better compliment than that.” 

 Mizdrak is very passionate about taking initiative to get things done and tending to the athletes, Mietus said. 

“Tim was definitely the one that shows the values that we had and the passion for not only the job, but for student-athletes at the high school level,” Mietus said. 

Mizdrak hopes to continue to meet more students and keep exploring South’s community even further. Connecting with students and creating a welcoming place for them is important to Mizdrak. He would like to have an impact on students by supporting their recovery and growth, Mizdrak said.

“[I hope to keep] having that connection [with students and] keep building relationships with the athletes,” Mizdrak said. “I plan on staying here for a while. This is a great place to work.”