Spirit sparks big wins

Emily Pavlik, co-editor-in-chief

Football players lined the field as they tookon Homewood-Flossmoor High School for their first playoff game on Oct. 28. As the scoreboard counted down to the end of the third quarter,senior running back Tommy MacPherson intercepted the ball and sprinted down the field. As he reached the end zone yards ahead of his opponents, cheers erupted from the packed stands in utter praise for the breathtaking touchdown.

David Schoenwetter, varsity football Coach, led South’s team to a 8-1 regular season, and they won their first round of playoffs. However, their season ended after their second playoff game. He attributed the success of the football program to their seniors’ achievements, and said that the team’s inclusivity is the strongest it has ever been.

“Our seniors have done the best job I have seen making [all the players] feel like it’s their teamtoo,” Schoenwetter said. “Our team [programhas] very high expectations [for our players], andour varsity football team played the best and most complete game [on Oct. 28] to date this season.”

Athletic Director Tom Mietus explained that last year, South’s boys’ varsity soccer and varsity football teams were awarded a letter from the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) congratulating them on their pristine sportsmanship.The “IHSA Sport A Winning Attitude Award” is an award given out at any IHSA athletic event bygame personnel.

Senior Denisse Nazare, Titan Nation member,emphasized the significance of showing up to support South’s athletes. Nazare said that along with wearing school colors, students should follow and interact with GBS social media and attend more sports games.

“It’s important for everyone to [attend gamesand] participate to show support,” Nazare said.

Varsity football is not the only sport having a good season; junior Shannon Dudy, girls’ tennisCo-Captain, said the team placed second at their conference tournament from Oct. 7 to Oct. 8.

Valuing team culture outside of the court,Courtney Middleton, Assistant Athletic Director,said that South’s teams’ camaraderie outside of the game is what is the most impressive.

“A lot of programs have initiatives that they’re supporting like Title IX [and] Feed My Starving Children,” Middleton said. “[Our teams have] an impact in other places, which is something that as an athletic department, we’re proud of.”

Similarly, Head Coach Tom Rosenbaum for the girls’ field hockey team expressed his gratitude for his players’ teamwork. Carrying a record of 20-4 in their season and placing second in state, Rosenbaum credits their wins to the team’s many different strengths.

“[The players] work really hard to bring each other [up in skill level],” Rosenbaum said.

Junior Nick Ventura, varsity boys’ golfer, explained their team placed second in state and Ventura became a regional champion. He emphasized how throughout their season, the teambonded both on and off the course.

“We all love each other,” Ventura said. “We practice [together] during the summer and hangout with each other.”