Frosh girls kick it off on varsity

Danielle Joseph, staff writer

With the willingness to excel and a complex skill set, freshman defender Adyson Clemen and freshman forward Lauren Koopersmith have flourished on this year’s girls’ varsity soccer team, Mark Daniels, Head Coach of varsity girls’ soccer, said.

Daniels kept tabs on Clemen’s and Koopersmith’s progress since South’s soccer summer camps in 2021, as he knew they would be a perfect addition to the varsity team. With the girls’ experience in club soccer and their passion for the sport, Daniels said they could keep up with a quick paced game.

“[Clemen and Koopersmith] bring a skill set that’s tough to beat,” Daniels said. “I think their club experience, having played at a high-level club, [has prepared them well for varsity].”

When Koopersmith discovered she earned a spot on the varsity team, she was thrilled about the opportunity but anxious about the high level of play.

“At first I thought it was going to be really challenging and difficult, but [playing on varsity was] the opposite,” Koopersmith said. “The whole team [was] welcoming and nice. [Now looking back], there [was] nothing to be nervous about.”

Clemen and Koopersmith formed sisterly bonds with their teammates as the season progressed, Clemen said. The upperclassmen are always open to provide gameplay tips.

“The older girls are so nice and inviting,” Clemen said. “[They are like] a bunch of big sisters [and they have] all pushed [me] to get better.”

On the flip side, senior defender Mia DeMattia said that Clemen’s and Koopersmith’s personalities have enabled them to fit with the team.

“I love their energy,” DeMattia said. “From the start [of the season] they clicked very well with the team, they were so bubbly and open. [Clemen and Koopersmith are] great to be around and always bring a great attitude.”

Since Clemen and Koopersmith hope to continue playing soccer the rest of their high school careers, DeMattia hopes they continue to help the team in the coming seasons.

“I expect them to be leaders in the future,” DeMattia said. “Being [freshmen], they definitely get the hang of how the varsity team works. In the coming years they’re going to take this experience and contribute to a better team in the future.”

Clemen and Koopersmith hope to take on this leadership role in the future by pushing their teammates to improve and establish an uplifting environment, Koopersmith said.

“I think Adyson and I work really well together and we could lead the team by [demonstrating] a positive attitude,” Koopersmith said. “We can correct people and tell them where to be, but in a positive way that doesn’t put anyone down. If we continue to get better, then we will become great leaders.”