South siblings enhance team dynamic

Rishi Lulla, staff writer

They were born together, grew up together and now, they play on the same teams. Molly and Anna Durow, twin sophomores at South, play junior varsity soccer and basketball together; on the same court and field. This dynamic helps their teams win games and gives them a special bond.

The Durow sisters agree that it’s cool to play with each other because playing with a twin allows for good teamwork with each other. They explained that the sibling competitiveness, while it may still exist off of the field, certainly doesn’t effect their relationship. They both agreed that they work together more than they argue.

“There was one time in soccer where I crossed it in and [Molly] got the goal, so it was kind of like a double-action, like a twin action,” Anna said.

“And people think it’s cooler because we’re doing it together,” Molly added.

After all these years of living and playing together, they’ve learned quite a bit about each other. Molly said that she learned Anna likes to shoot and pass as an offensive weapon. Anna complimented Molly’s relentless competitiveness and her drive to win.

Their older sister Katie Durow talked about how her younger sisters are dedicated and talented at their sports. They not only play off of each other but also contribute to the overall team tremendously. She said that the overall group is what’s most important to team chemistry and that Molly and Anna are a significant part of it.

“Molly and Anna are really talented and they work super hard at everything they do,” Katie said. “Even while we’re in quarantine and sports aren’t happening, they’re doing soccer workouts every day together and they’re playing basketball and they’re running. It’s really fun to watch them play because they’re both really good at what they do.”